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Friday November 7, 2008 11:56 am

Obama win: A republican’s thoughts the morning after

Posted by Rob Stevens Categories: Editorials, Elections,

Obama President Elect

Waking up on a chilly Wednesday morning following the most historic election that I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of, I know that we are simply one step closer to fixing the problems in our country. As a Republican, I understood early on that this election had to be about more than ideology, more than race, and more than age. It had to be about getting Americans to stop thinking about themselves, and to begin working towards the common goal of making this country better.

The economic collapse wasn’t about President Bush. It wasn’t about Republicans. And it wasn’t about a Democratic Congress. It wasn’t about bad loans, or a war overseas, or foreign oil.

It was about greed. It was about people looking out only for themselves. It was about people forgetting to “be subject to one another.” And so I voted for . I voted for a man with little political experience, with no executive experience, and with an ideology very different than my own.

Because what our country needed most right now was a “community organizer.”

We need someone with the experience of getting people to work together towards a vision. The President wasn’t going to fix the country’s ills on his own. No President could. Real change only comes from the people that work towards it, united towards a common goal. Mixed in with the media-savvy phrases of hope and change was the most important message, the one that truly resonated with Obama’s supporters.


The next four years has to be about more than race. It has to be about more than political ideology. And it has to be about more than who won and who lost on November 4th, 2008. It has to be about all of us rallying behind not a man, but our country, to make it better. It has to be about us becoming a community, being subject to one another, and working for what we believe in.

It starts now.




Thank you so much for your perspective. You have emphasized the feelings of so many Americans and you certainly diagnosed the root of the problem: greed. We need to begin restructuring from the ground up…and that necessitates a “we” mentality; Americans must individually and collaboratively understand their role in the process.



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