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Al Davis

THIS JUST IN! Based on his extraordinary performance this past week at the press conference where he announced the Lane Kiffin firing Oakland Raiders’ owner Al Davis has been awarded his own reality show on ESPN.

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Adrian Petersen will make this coming Monday’s clash in the Big Easy against the New Orleans Saints look more like a track meet than a football game. The Minnesota Vikings are due for a breakout game. The Vikes’ front four will make Saints backs think they’ve hit the Great Wall of China as their running game grinds to a halt.  The Saints will have to resort to a passing game - dangerous without a ground game for balance, but not too bad with Drew Brees being the passer.  A win will put Minnesota’s record at 2-3 - close enough to division leaders, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. Conservative pick… Minnesota by 10+.

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I pulled 1 game closer to .500 last week, and will surpass the .500 mark this week.  With 12 weeks to go after this one, we are in great position.  We only get better from here!

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Alright, let’s take a break for just a moment away from the standard news fare. We know that you guys love the gadgets, gizmos, and consumer electronics just as much as we do.  These expensive and cool toys are often a marvel when you break them down to the technology that drives them. That’s what makes what we do fun, and why we love the interaction we have with our readers. However, we want to focus a bit of attention on the young ones in our country who would be happy to have a calculator for use in class, and the teachers who work for districts that can’t afford things like projectors for use in their schools.

Gear Live has joined the 2008 DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge, and we have chosen eight great causes that are centered around getting some basic technology and literature into classrooms located in our local area, as well as some of the hardest areas still suffering the affects of Hurricanes Ike and Katrina. We’ve chosen eight causes that we thought touched on what we believed in, and you can take a look at them and choose which one(s) you want to help. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the children of our nation. Just know that the money you donate will go directly to that specific teacher request - not into some big pot of money that is then doled out by the organization.

Some of the most expensive purchases for schools are consumer electronics. We believe that all children need to get acquainted with the tools of the future as they learn so they when they are ready to hit the workforce, they can succeed alongside their peers. Please, help us in assisting teachers, children, and schools in low-income areas get the tools they need to help their children excel.

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Scott Linehan Fired

It was only a matter of time before St. Louis Rams head coach Scott Linehan was shown the door out.  It what was a tumultuous week in which Linehan benched starting QB Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green, it seemed like it became the players versus the coach.  Bulger, a very much liked teammate publicly did not say anything about his benching, but being a competitor, he groused about it behind the scenes, as did many Rams players.  That is until some publicly defended Bulger as game time versus the Buffalo Bills got closer.  WR Torry Holt apologized to Bulger for not making more plays and star RB Steven Jackson told a local radio audience that Bulger was the man and that he did not like the benching at all.  In a game where multi-millionaire players have a lot of say, Linehan was eventually going to be shut down and up.  He leaves the Rams organization with an 11-25 record.  Former New Orleans Saints head coach Jim Haslett takes over as interim head coach.

Overall I am up slightly on this football season, but I am being carried by my NCAA selections, and have been struggling with the NFL.  This week I have 8 straight bets today, and I really like the Steelers tomorrow night.  Working the system, thats all I am doing is working my system.  Here is where my action is for Week 4 in the NFL:

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Last week I watched the Eagles-Steelers game in Pennsylvania with a crowd of subdued Eagle and Steeler fans.  Neither side seemed capable of getting very excited over their teams, and both sides left questioning what they thought they knew about their teams.  While The Dean is not a fan of any team, I feel the same sense of confusion about what I thought I knew.  My confusion is not limited to two teams, it is spread rather evenly among the entire NFL.

Here is what I can say with confidence: the Rams, Chiefs, and Lions are bad.  This week will be the first test of how aware I have been through the first three weeks.  As they say, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

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Willie Parker

The NFL game is a hard one with a physical toll that can leave players hurt, so check out the latest NFL injury report to see which injured players might play and which may not.



Thursday DE Bert Berry (groin)
Wednesday DE Bert Berry (groin), DT Darnell Dockett (hamstring), TE Jerame Tuman (hamstring)
Thursday TE Jerame Tuman (hamstring)
Wednesday WR Sean Morey (Achilles)
Thursday DT Darnell Dockett (hamstring), WR Sean Morey (Achilles), S Adrian Wilson (hamstring)
Wednesday DT Gabe Watson (knee)
Thursday DT Gabe Watson (knee)


Wednesday WR David Clowney (shoulder), K Mike Nugent (right thigh)
Thursday WR David Clowney (shoulder), K Mike Nugent (right thigh)
Wednesday DT Kris Jenkins (back)
Wednesday WR Laveranues Coles (thigh), QB Brett Favre (ankle), P Reggie Hodges (left thigh), CB Justin Miller (foot)
Thursday WR Laveranues Coles (thigh), QB Brett Favre (ankle), P Reggie Hodges (left thigh), DT Kris Jenkins (back), CB Justin Miller (foot)
Wednesday WR Brad Smith (knee)
Thursday WR Brad Smith (knee)

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Troy Brown

In today’s world of sports, there aren’t too many athletes that stay with one team, which makes New England Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown stand out amongst NFL players, as well as other sports.  For 15 seasons, Brown donned the Patriots uniform and now holds the team record for receptions (557).  He made the Pro-Bowl once, but ask any teammate of his and he’ll tell you that he was a Pro-Bowler every year thanks to his “team-first” mentality and doing whatever was needed to win.  In recent seasons, Brown’s abilities had decreased and with the signing of WR Randy Moss and WR Wes Welker before last season, the writing was on the wall.  Despite that, Brown will always be loved in the New England area as he contributed in a big way to the Patriots’ three Super Bowl titles.  Brown will be missed for not only his play, but mostly his attitude.

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Brett Favre is ready to roll

New York Jets QB Brett Favre participated in practice on Wednesday and should start against the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday, extending his streak of consecutive games to 257, a stat that is already a record for NFL quarterbacks.  Favre got injured this past Monday night versus the San Diego Chargers and there was some speculation that he wouldn’t be ready to go on Sunday.  However, this is Brett Favre we’re talking about, a man who plays hurt and obviously enjoys the game of football.  Short of literally coughing up a lung, Favre will be on the field between the sidelines, taking snaps under center.

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