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Sunday December 28, 2008 11:24 am

Dean Browski Picks for NFL Week 17

The last week of the regular season is upon us.  I have grouped together those teams that must win in order to have a chance to make the playoffs and have come up with some interesting parlays and angles to play.

Season: 123-112-5
Last Week: 6-10-0

St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons
Notes: The Falcons are a team that takes care of business. It is a lot of points to cover, but the Falcons are eyeing a possible first-round bye.
Pick: Falcons -14

Oakland Raiders @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Notes: Only twice this year has a west coast team won a 1pm game on the east coast.  If it happens again here that means that 2 of the 3 happened to the Bucs.  That is reason to believe the Bucs will win, next question is can they cover a big spread.  I am going to take the Raiders and the points.
Pick: Raiders +11

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Notes: The Browns coach is going to be fired, they are injured, and there are fistfights in their locker room.  The Browns also scored 0 points against the Bengals last week.
Pick: Steelers -10
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Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints
Notes: Carolina is a bit different on the road than they are at home. The Saints are also looking to get Drew Brees the season record for passing yards.  I also wonder what the toll of last week’s emotional game in NY will take on the Panthers.
Pick: Saints +1.5

New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings
Notes: It would be appropriate for the Vikings to get into the playoffs because the Bears lose.
Pick: Giants -7

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts
Notes: The Colts getting points at home against a team that has nothing to play for, AND Vince Young is going to play for the Titans?!?!  Nice!
Pick: Colts +3

Chicago Bears @ Houston Texans
Notes: The Texans are much different at home, and last week’s loss to the Raiders further highlights that fact.  The Bears are not a playoff team.
Pick: Texans -3

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers
Notes: The Lions cover lines on the road, 5-2 on the year ATS.
Pick: Lions +11

Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati Bengals
Notes: I liked the way the Chiefs played last week.  That is my sole reason for taking them this week.
Pick: Chiefs +2.5

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills
Notes: The weather is going to be a factor, and it may benefit the Bills running game.  However, the Patriots have been here before.  I am somewhat torn, but am going with the Pats.
Pick: Patriots -5.5

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens
Notes: The Ravens have done excellent all year, but this is the first must-win that their rookie QB has been in.
Pick: Jaguars +10.5

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals
Notes: The Seahawks won the game that mattered to them last week.  The Cardinals do have something to play for today, they need to play to get ready for the playoffs because they have been horrible recently.
Pick: Cardinals -6.5

Washington Redskins @ San Francisco 49ers
Notes: One reason decision making: Mike Singletary
Pick: 49ers -3

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets
Notes: The theater playing out in the Meadowlands today is fantastic.  Look at what each team is comprised of and tell me you can draw a different conclusion.
Pick: Dolphins +2.5

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles
Notes: I don’t like betting on emotionally unstable teams in an emotionally charged atmosphere.
Pick: Eagles -1.5

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers
Notes: I do believe in karma.
Pick: Chargers -8



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