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Wednesday October 15, 2008 9:16 pm

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring on the Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo  Does the new Texas Stadium they’re building have a retractable roof on it? They might want to consider it. Otherwise a whole lot of construction work might get washed away with the deluge that is pounding Dallas this week.

Here’s what they’ve been hit with this week: an overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals (they needed an ill-advised time-out call by Arizona to even make it into OT), Tony Romo is out four weeks with a finger injury, the Adam “Pacman” Jones carnival is ramping-up again, and they are inviting more T.O. eruptions following a trade for wide receiver Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions.

And you have Wade Phillips leading the show, passing out umbrellas, but only with Jerry Jones’ permission, of course.

In addition, not only do they have to contend with the Super Bowl champs, the New York Giants, in their division, but they also must keep their sights on the surprisingly competitive Washington Redskins.
They bring in Roy Williams at wide receiver. Is that a desperate move? Couldn’t get it done with the receiving corps they left training camp with?
They should cut their losses with Pacman, right? They’d only be asking for more trouble, more disruption later, right? How many babysitters…errr, bodyguards will they need the next time around?
They’ll be sending veteran QB Brad Johnson out on the field as Romo gets better. While you feel better knowing you have an experienced guy leading the offense, there’s already talk that blitzing teams are chomping at the bit to come after a not-so-mobile Johnson.
Now, there’s reports that Romo may come back and play with a splint on his banged-up pinkie. That right hand will have the biggest target on it come hist first series. You can thank Brett Farve for that one, Dallas.

The knock on Wade Phillips is that while he’s a good guy and a heck of an assistant coach, his legacy as a head coach isn’t quite up to speed. But that was not so much of a concern upon his hire. Afterall, he was taking over a team loaded with talent and owned by a man willing to spend to make it better. The question now becomes, “Can Phillips hit the right buttons to lead his team and staff through the storm?” His handling of a potentially explosive T.O. situation will tell us a lot. Will that situation get out of control even before Romo gets back into the line-up? How quickly will Romo get back into top-game form? When he gets back will he try to do too much too soon and “overplay” – leading to missed plays and interceptions?
Look, even the previously unbeaten Giants took a hit from the Browns on Monday night, and I don’t think too many people really believe that the Redskins won’t be stumbling here and there, so the Cowboys have to realize there’s plenty of time to absorb what’s coming and “surviving.” But surviving and getting by aren’t the same thing as going into the playoffs on a roll.

And don’t forget there’s always the chance that Brad Johnson could have a great four games…and then you have a quarterback controversy. But that’s a good problem.



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