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AngoulemeI've never been to the Angouleme International Comics Festival, aka Festival International de la Bande Dessinée.

But I've always wanted to go. It's been going on every year since 1974 and it's the largest comics festival in Europe, taking place in Angouleme, France.

The latest one is going on right now, through the 29th and it's an all-out event that involves the whole town. The Forbidden Planet blog has more.

Here's a history of the festival which makes it sound even more appealing, and includes a quote that the show draws 200,000 people each year. That's a sweet number and makes it bigger than the San Diego's Comic Con International.

If you're in Angouleme, have a great time!

[Artwork: Angouleme International Comics Festival mascot]


MarinemanEvery year when I go to Comic Con International in San Diego, I always find something unexpected, interesting and surprising in the world of comics.

This year, 2011, was no exception.

Of all the things I picked up at the various booths, there was one that really stood out for me and I stumbled across it by accident while lurking around the Image Comics area.

Marineman: A Matter Of Life And Depth by Ian Churchill (Cable, Deadpool, The Coven).

Churchill had a spot to himself and was selling trades, individual issues, and sketches.

He’s a charming, affable guy who genuinely believes in his story and his work.

He handsold me on the trade - I’d only heard of the in passing and yet I gladly handed over the $15 to get a copy.

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Silver Star by Jack KirbyEveryone already knows my unrequited love for Craigslist job-hunting. Let’s see if I can make you a fan as well:

Los Angeles: I’m thinking this might not happen since Wizard World L.A. is canned. But, someone was looking for a female cosplayer to hand out biz cards promoting their website. You need your own costume, though.

Los Angeles: And speaking a costumes, a costume designer is wanted for graphic novel character. They want to launch at the NY Comic Con in October so start sewing.

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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes / CaesarIf you’ve been following the post Comic Con International discussion about female creators and DC Comics, you should run over to Fleen and read Gary Tyrrell’s take on the matter.

Apes: My pal Rich Handley gets himself interviewed at Newsday about Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Fan: My funny book acquaintance David Seidman was profiled recently in Jewish Journal. All I can say is that the interviewer would probably be overwhelmed by the San Diego con.

Actors: Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill has written a graphic novel that Archaia will publish.

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Famous Monsters Of FilmlandDespite the buzzwords that get thrown around, rich people are not really job creators, they’re money-holders.

The real job creators are in the comic book industry, and some of them are on Craigslist. Here are a few to help you:

If you have a comic book store in the Los Angeles area, a low-budget filmmaker wants to borrow it for a short-film shoot from October 7-9.

Famous Monsters of Filmland in Los Angeles is looking for “a creative, self-starting Graphic Design Intern.”

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Bone 1When Bone by Jeff Smith first came out as an independent comic book, I completely ignored it.

I didn't deliberately ignore it, it's just that my LCS didn't carry it and I didn't even know it existed for the first year of its printed life.

However, at the San Diego Comic Con International in 1992, I ran into my friend Wayne Markley who worked for the distributor Capital City. He asked me what I thought of Bone. When I proclaimed my ignorance, he dragged me over to Jeff Smith's table, introduced me to the creator and then shoved the issues-to-date in my hands and told Jeff I'd take them all, ring me up.

Wayne's judgment in these matters was always solid so I did as I was told. I bought them, read them while at the con (no easy task), loved them and duly thanked Wayne when next I saw him. And when next I saw him, a couple of days later, he invited me to join him for dinner on Capital City's dime.

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MarinemanSo I'm back from the latest Comic Con extravaganza in San Diego. Unlike other folks that gather up news and special announcements, I gather up a few odds and ends.

Here's my Comic Con report for 2011 (Spoiler Alert: names will be dropped):

Planet of the Apes – When Boom!'s marketing director Chip Mosher asks, I answer! I was on the Boom! Planet of the Apes panel as a guest and had a great time with the engaged crowd. Editor Ian Brill, writer Daryl Gregory and myself talked about the movies, the comics, the creators and time travel. Life is rarely that good.

Aaron Lopresti – Dinner with the artist on the upcoming Justice League International series from DC. We spent it art-spotting with licensed merchandise. Pal Dave Olbrich bought along a 1970s-era Master of Kung Fu drinking glass and it was decided that it was a Gil Kane figure with a face reworked by Romita, Sr.

Marineman – I had a great chat with Ian Churchill, creator of Marineman, the Image Comics title that's also an Eisner-winner. I plopped down $15 for the collected 6 issues. I'm halfway through and it's money well-spent.

Portfolio Review – Dropped in on Space Goat's Dave Olbrich (him again) as he flipped through portfolios offering advance and gentle criticism. Lots of talented folks this year.

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Comic Con InternationalIt's just around the corner.

Comic Con International is but a few weeks away, and a number of high profile companies are looking for a little help.

It might be too late for them this year, but each company does other events and you can lay the groundwork for next year's CCI.

Besides, if you get one of the gigs listed here, I'm sure the company has a ticket for you for this year's con. That's a perk that's almost better than your own office. With a window.

Time Warner is looking for a Home Entertainment Specialist for their Turner Broadcasting division.

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Book Expo AmericaI love BEA, better known as Book Expo America. It’s the premiere American book show - a place to mingle with publishers, authors, editors, bookstore owners and see what books will be coming out in the very near future.

Before BEA took up permanent residence in NYC, it used to pop up periodically in Los Angeles, and I always made it a point to drop in.

One time, while I was eavesdropping, I heard two publishing stereotypes - one even wore a brown corduroy sportcoat with leather elbow patches - discussing the future of the industry: “These blogs, they’re just so much nonsense, right?”

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Los Angeles Traffic"If I can just get off of that L.A. freeway without getting killed or caught…"
Jerry Jeff Walker, L.A. Freeway

So it's probably safe to say that the city of Los Angeles might be kinda bummed that they didn't succeed in luring Comic Con International away from San Diego.

But do they hold a grudge?

Oh, I think so. I can't prove it of course, but this being the internets means I don't have to.

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