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Saturday November 8, 2008 10:52 pm

Offseason Notes - C.C. Sabathia and Derek Lowe

C.C. Sabathia

C.C. Sabathia’s name came up last night at Joe Torre’s Safe At Home fund raising gala. New York Yankees captain and Torre protégé, Derek Jeter, said that he has spoken to the lights out lefty about wearing the pinstripes next season, but no news yet if C.C. will be moving to the Bronx for 2009. Sabathia could well be the Yanks’ answer to Johan Santana and would anchor the Yanks’ pitching impoverished rotation. The real question is can Sabathia win the big games? While hurling for the Cleveland Indians, Sabathia was nearly unhittable against the Bombers in the divisional round of the 2007 playoffs, but looked awfully pedestrian this year, ceding five runs in two innings against the world champion Philadelphia Phillies.

But, the Yanks need pitching in the worst way and Sabathia will undoubtedly add 15 to 20 wins to the team that signs him. Still there’s this nagging suspicion that he might just be a small-market flame thrower. There’s a lengthy list of pitchers who couldn’t cut it under the scrutiny of the New York media and for some of the most demanding fans you’ll find anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. However, prevailing wisdom seems to indicate that GM Brian Cashman should sign him and take his chances.

Derek Lowe is in his walk year with the Los Angeles Dodgers and his name is being bandied around the owners’ meetings.. A word to the wise - hands off. Lowe will be 36 during the ‘09 season and is well beyond his best years. He’ll win a few games, but he’ll lose a few more. True he notched a win against the Chicago Cubs in the divisional round, but Chicago’s offense was anemic at that point. Lowe seems to be getting by on finesse, his fastball doesn’t pop in the catcher’s mitt, and his out pitch is the curve. That’s going to spell big trouble once hitters figure him out. Lowe should consider calling it a career or move to the bullpen for long relief.



Too early for Lowe to be done - but I do think he should stay in the NL and in a good pitcher’s park.

For some reason, I don’t see CC having trouble with the media or the pressure, call it a hunch but one bad game against the Phillies doesn’t way too harshly on my view of him. He still had one of the greater half-seasons of recent memory when the Brew Crew needed him most.


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