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Tuesday November 23, 2010 10:50 am

Rage: Mutant Bash TV review

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Games, iPad Apps, Reviews, $0.99, $1.99,

After a high hype and anticipation level, iD Software's Rage game called Mutant Bash TV finally hit the App Store this week. The creators of the original Doom and Quake games showcased the full Rage for consoles many times in the past, and promised to provide a graphically rich companion for the iPhone. Now that the game is out, is it worthy of all that wait?

First, the game is available in two different versions. Yet, unlike most apps, they aren't limited to iPhone and iPad. Both apps are universal, with the difference being the quality of textures. Rage, at $0.99, has regular graphics, while Rage HD, at $1.99, has high definition graphics, and is aimed at iPhone 4 and the iPad. This is a fairly large app, weighing in at over 700 MB, so it may take a while to download.

Once you first launch this game, you'll see it's main appeal right away, with the rich visuals and animations. There's no question that the cinematics are top notch, as good as it gets. As for the in-game models, obviously they are of reduced quality compared with pre-rendered videos, but they are still superb. Personally, I was more impressed with the Unreal 3 demo in Epic Citadel, but if anything, this comes as a close second. Also of note is the ambient sounds and voice acting, which are very well done.

The controls are simple. The whole game is a shooter on rail, which means the engine will bring you around the levels, stop at various locations, and allow you to shoot mutants. You can move the camera around, and fire at various things. On top of the mutants, there are bonuses, and items you can hit with your gun. The game has 3 different types of guns, a rifle and a shotgun with limited ammo, and a default pistol with unlimited ammo. You also have the ability to dodge incoming projectiles or attacks by pushing a button, which actually makes you move to the side, which I thought was very well done.

The game only has 3 levels, and goes by very fast. You could easily finish it in little more than an hour. The main purpose of replaying it is to beat your own score. Other than that, there is little else to do. I for one would have liked to see more social integration. For a game where the replayability is beating your previous results, adding leaderboards or ways to share that score would have been a no brainer, especially with Game Center available to all developers in iOS.

Overall, I think it's a very good, very well designed game, although unfortunately on the short side. For that price however, I would recommend everyone check it out in the App Store.

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