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Sunday August 9, 2009 1:11 am

Shoot It! photo app now available in App Store

Shoot It AppWe’ve been beta testing the Shoot It! app for the past couple of months, and we are excited to let you guys know that it is now available for purchase in the App Store for $0.99. Why the excitement? Well, Shoot It! is one of the apps we use very regularly, and it’s one of our favorite apps that we’ve ever used on the iPhone. So, What is Shoot It?

Shoot It! allows you to send high quality postcards to anyone in your or Address Book, using images in your Camera Roll, or an image that you take from within the app using the iPhone camera. You can send a postcard to as many people as you like, and you also fill in a message that would be printed on the back of the photo. The end result is, as we said, a high quality 4x6 glossy postcard that has the image of your choice on the front, and your message on the back. Since you can send the message to any number of contacts, you end up with the ability to send one message to, say, twenty people, in just a minute or two.

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The postcards print locally, in the region of the recipient, which means you can be vacationing in Japan, send a Shoot It! postcard to contacts in the United States and Western Europe (the two currently supported regions, worldwide support is on the way,) and they will likely receive their postcards before you return, and you don’t even have to find real postcards, postage, or a post office. Each postcard costs $1 to send, and you get a free one with purchase of the $1 app. We can’t recommend it enough, as I’ve been using it to send messages to friends and family almost non-stop. You can find Shoot It! in the App Store now.

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