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Monday September 28, 2009 5:25 pm

Ping! brings iPhone-to-iPhone messaging to the App Store

Ping! App

We were just alerted to a new and app called Ping!, which aims to provide free iPhone-to-iPhone (and iPod touch) messaging to users of those devices. We tried it, and thought it was worthy enough to give a shout out to.

Basically, once you download the free Ping! application, you set up a username, and you are set. You can invite others from within the app over email, letting them know your username, and also set up whether you want push notifications or not. Once you start a conversation, it’s very similar to SMS…except it’s free, and instant. You get the speed of an IM conversation with the persistence of SMS, all at no extra cost. Even better, it works internationally. So you can send and receive messages with people in other countries, and again, at no extra cost.

Go ahead and give Ping! a try, we think you’ll like it.

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Gallery: Ping! brings iPhone-to-iPhone messaging to the App Store



If you turn on push notificatiolns, yeah 😉

hey TechBoy London, I’d really like to know how to solve this problem, though I can’t click on you name.. I dunno if you’re allowed to post URL’s here.. if yes, please post the URL to your blog, if no, please PM me

btw, I got a JB 2G OS 3.1, using iTunes 9 on Windows 7 RC…
I’ve tried it all, still the “Connecting, Please Wait” message appears

@TechBoy Lodon: nevermind, I found your blog through google
for all the others:

blogs dot warwick dot ac dot uk/atejumola/entry/how_to_make/

I don’t know why you guys don’t read the f***ing posts carefully

TechBoy London had the solution a long time ago…. It’s on his blog, I have tried it on 2 iPhones myself, it works perfectly!! It’s a little more complicated than installing sth from cydia, but at least it works.

I posted the URL before, but here it is again:

blogs dot warwick dot ac dot uk/atejumola/entry/how_to_make/

Anyone still complaining about pushfix not working for them is a retard!


all you need to know is on this blog

I work in a tech department for a telecommunications company and in the last week I have had countless people with this issue. Signed up today to thank you for this solution. Has saved myself and my co-workers a lot of headache. Third party apps not supported by the network cause us lots of hassle, as can be imagined.


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