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Thursday August 27, 2009 6:14 pm

Gifters app review

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Gifters app review

Gifters, currently available for $1.99, lets you create and manage gift lists. If you’re patient and comfortable with getting friends and family on-board, this may be for you. To some though, the app may be just a little too cumbersome.

After creating an account - where you’re forced to input your physical address, for some odd reason - you’re guided through a tutorial by means of several notification windows. Following that, you’re free to create and share lists. The app has no gift database though, so when creating lists you have to fill in several information fields all on your own.

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If you want to share your lists with anyone else (which is the point of this app), that other person is also required to have this app - and have paid the $1.99 for it. Alternatively, you can access Gifters via the web for free, but the site wasn’t working extremely well when I tried it.

The greatest advantage Gifters has is that it is solely all about creating and managing gift lists. If that’s all you’re after, it’s here. Provided people who would be giving gifts to you have this app, it could be worth getting. Friends and family members are able to coordinate who gets who what - all without having to actually talk to one another. How about that!

Comparatively, making gift lists on Amazon consists of a few simple clicks. In fact, what’s wrong with the old fashioned way of writing your own lists either with pen and paper or as an e-mail? Gifters seems to overcomplicate things.

If you’re absolutely looking for this sort of app, go for it. Otherwise, your milage may vary. If you can convince other friends or family members to get it, it may be worth considering. You can get Gifters in the App Store for $1.99.

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