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Tuesday June 30, 2009 3:31 pm

MyGlobalTalk Comes To the iPhone, Interview

MyGlobalTalk iPhone appWe’ve told you a lot about , the service that aims to replace your International calling plan. They’ve just released a new MyGlobalTalk app for the iPhone, and we were able to chat with the people behind the service, Andy Berman and Raffi Aghapekian, who were kind enough to give us the lowdown on why you should take a look at this game-changing application.

Give us a brief overview of what MyGlobalTalk is, for those readers who may not be familiar with the product.
Andy: MyGlobalTalk is a communications solution that provides high quality calls to International destinations at incredibly affordable rates. Instead of paying $1.00 or more to call a city like Hong Kong, you pay pennies per minute.

The great thing about our solution is that it works on any phone, and you don¹t need to be on your computer or at a Wi-Fi location.

When using MyGlobalTalk on a basic mobile phone or landline there is an extra step involved, so we’ve developed applications for almost all the major Smartphones that integrate seamlessly with your address book and remove that extra step, so you get one-touch dialing and make calls without changing the dialing habits you’re used to.

A couple of days ago, a MyGlobalTalk app hit the Apple App Store. What does this bring to the table for iPhone users?
Raffi: It enables iPhone users to easily make high quality International calls from the US at low rates. Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Android users have been using our application on their devices for a while now. In developing for the iPhone, we wanted to make sure we had an application with a simple and easy user interface, and was able to access all the functionality that MyGlobalTalk offers.

The app accesses the native address book of the iPhone, and also allows you to set your own favorites for the MyGlobalTalk application. That feature, along with the call history feature in the app, you basically have a second phone for international calls, specifically. Best of all - the app is free.

What features can users of the MyGlobalTalk iPhone App expect in the future?
Raffi: The ability to make calls over Wi-Fi will be a great solution for International Travelers who want to avoid roaming charges, and we will also offer conference calling solutions through the app.

I know the app is free, but obviously, the calls aren’t. Why was I able to make an international call through the app right after I registered?
Raffi: You already picked up on that? Well, we were excited about making it into the Apple app store so we added a secret, rather a not-so-secret bonus. When you download the app and register from your iPhone, you get 20 free minutes of International calls to most countries. We don’t know how long we’ll keep it up there but we think its a great way to say thanks to all the iPhone users.

You are also in beta for the MyGlobalTalk BlackBerry 2.0 client. What differences do we see in 2.0, versus the 1.0 product?
Raffi: With the Blackberry 2.0 in Beta, we have enhanced the connectivity process by now making it quicker to call and connect to the MyGlobalTalk network. We’ve also improved the registration and login process. These changes are critical to some of the big changes we are planning for the rest of 2009. We’ll definitely let you know when those come out.

You can download the MyGlobalTalk app on the App Store.

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