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Wednesday February 18, 2009 11:16 am

Parabens and other nasty stuff

Posted by Colleen McKie Categories: Advice, Health,


We quite often read food labels to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies.  But how about what we’re putting on them?  You might not think too much about what’s in your make-up, shampoo or body lotions, but maybe you should.  Some of the most popular ingredients in beauty products can also be harmful.


There has recently been much controversy over the use of parabens in products with both sides of the debate being very clear on their position.  Some health officials swear there is nothing harmful about using parabens, while others swear they are extremely harmful.  My main concern with parabens is the potential for harm.  It’s a chemical and has proven to be absorbable through our skin.  The studies against using parabens have found that in cancerous breast tissue cells there is an elevated amount of the chemical.  Has it been proven to cause or increase the risk of breast cancer?  Nope.  But remember, at one time it was thought safe to powder your face with lead.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This cleaning agent can be found in soap, shampoos and body washes.  Oh, yeah and as car engine degreaser.  Sodium Lauryl sulfate and any of the other sufactants can cause skin and scalp irritation, irritates your eyes, cause hand, face and arm swelling and dries out skin and hair.  The reason it’s used?  Because it’s cheap. 


If you have sensitive skin and use a product with sodium lauryl sulfate, you can irritate the underlying problem making your skin even drier and itchier.  And what do we generally do when our skin is dry?  Put on more lotion, probably full of parabens.

I have decided to become a beauty product label reader and will only use products that do not contain either of these chemicals.  Because I think they are 100% toxic and will kill me?  No.  Because I want to live healthy and that includes what I put on my skin as much as what I put in my mouth.



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