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Fast Food and the Mainstream Media

While thinking about a recent physical I had, it led me to make an observation. I received a call from my doctor telling me I had higher than normal cholesterol. I work on the road a lot, and I eat a lot of fast food. There's no excuses because nobody has forced me to stuff my face with junk food. 

The same goes for the information you take in. The mainstream media serves up a menu high in misinformation, lies, and spin. Think of all the major news networks, newspapers, and magazines as the fast food restaurants of media. Just like the case of my poor food choices, we're not being forced to view or read this information. The doctor told me to stop eating foods riddled with fat, and to try more natural and organic foods. We can do the same for news intake. 

Like fast food restaurants, the mainstream media is manipulated and influenced by large corporations that don't have the public's best interest in mind. There's better alternatives than the major networks and news outlets. They're not hard to find. There's plenty of organic news sources entrenched within the 'new media.' All you have to do is find which one is right for you. I'm not against fast food restaurants. I just need to eat it less. An occasional chicken nugget or milk shake won't hurt me because I'm educating myself enough about alternatives. More people should do the same when it comes to where they get their news.


Former Governor Jesse Ventura made an appearance on The Larry King Show a few days ago, and is as outspoken as ever. In the clip above, Jesse talks about waterboarding as torture, and goes on to say “You give me a water board, Dick Cheney, and one hour, and I’ll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders.” Check out the video for more.

White House Twitter

The White House has joined the wonderful world of status updates in 140 characters or less or as it’s more popularly known as, Twitter.  Yes, the Obama Administration is joining the cool kids and getting down with the twitdiction of tweeting, which will be full of useful information and not what President Obama had for breakfast or what song he is currently listening to.  If you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow the tweets at twitter.com/whitehouse.

Oh, and be sure to follow Filibuster Soup on Twitter as well!

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It’s been a while since I posted here, but my past work is starting to seem pretty prophetic. I predicted the hard turn to the left, after President Obama pretended to be a moderate while campaigning. I also touched upon media bias, broken campaign promises, empty slogans, and radical ties, among other things.

I’m glad a small number of people are starting to open their eyes and question this administration, but why did so many people not see what I saw coming this past fall?


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“Depuceleler.” A term that was used quite often by one of my favorite authors of the late 1700’s, Marquis de Sade. “Depuceleler” is quite applicable in today’s political climate, especially dealing with the new administration and President-elect, B. Hussein Obama. As this new great hope of change was escorted on his magic carpet into the White House by the flirting and slobbering persistent media ushering him along the coital path to the most important office in the world, one must stand erect and take notice. Such a shame that our traditional center right country was forced into the longest voyeuristic courting phase that it has ever seen. You have Obama: the strapping, intelligent, slightly arrogant, fresh, eager bachelor thrown upon the dais running on inexperience and charm and then the pursuant experienced media: soliciting, confident, persistent, daddy fawning over every move and action.

B. Hussein Obama at first didn’t seal the “depuceleler.” Like any good tease he rounded third base, but protected himself in lambskin, ultra thin boundaries capable withstanding any disease rattled attacks or overzealous fanatics that came in contact with his anointed armor.

With constant pressure from the radical Left-wing sites (you know who they are) on the media, the President-elect is in a compromising position. Keeping his fly zipped and his hands firmly above the waist, caressing the outer area of the same bloc who voted him into office he treads the line with his recent nominations. Larry Summers (Economics Advisor), Robert Gates (Defense Secretary), Tom Daschle (Health and human Service), Hillary Clinton (Sec. of State) and the announcement of Rick Warren for his invocation threw his early pursuers into a dither and off their game. How dare their potential partner, the one they lavished their attention on, spent millions, the one they tirelessly courted and made into an iconography figure dare flirt with the traditional America that they so despise? This cat and mouse game is in the final three years of the foreplay phase. The first six months of his presidency will be the tell-tale sign if he can stay strong or finally after constant pressure, “give it” up. Let’s hope he/it doesn’t break because it will be a leak felt all across the world.


In honor of Merriam-Webster’s 2008 word of the year, bailout, we will focus this week’s efforts of The Werd on the big story of the year. 

To start the discussion, I will suggest these two great charts:

A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis - Part One
A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis - Part Two

Part One explains the many reasons for the financial crisis; Part Two suggests an alternative bailout that punishes those who benefitted from the bubbles without extracting social funds already marked for public programs such as social security or retirement funds (as the current bailouts do).  This expert work shows how solutions to our problems are not beyond our ability, but merely beyond the imagination of our current leadership.

We’ll dig in on Tuesday with my precious take. 

Bailout - Part One
Bailout - Part Two
Bailout - Part Three
Bailout - Part Four
Bailout - Part Five

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Oh gay, gay, gays. What to do with your wacky wacky ways?  As much as you would like to consider yourself open and an accepting group of people, I beg to differ. Take a look at these two examples:

Where do I begin? How do you accept this?

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The general objections[1] I have found against Obama’s proposed America Serves program are:

  1. This unpaid manpower will be used for nefarious means; with the volunteers steered into programs that support Obama’s socialist goals.

  2. The program will cost taxpayers money in subsidizing the college grants and insuring and providing resources for students to complete their service and is another example of government waste without any quantifiable levels of improvement.

  3. These service programs are one step away from the institution of a military draft.

  4. Service to one’s community necessarily derivatives from the American Dream, which is one of individual primacy, not a communal movement.

  5. Giving jobs to unpaid students will debilitate the market for paying jobs and therefore will send us down the road to a complete communist state.

  6. What is suggested as altruistic service often becomes government-subsidized coercion: a violation of an American’s right to serve as they chose to, whether paid or not.

[Sources: The Heritage Foundation blog, The Volokh Conspiracy, this Mises.org forumLew Rockwell editorial, and Bovard’s objections to the AmeriCorps program as outlined in Wikipedia.]

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Charlie Rose interviewed Tom Brokaw on October 30th.  Some of the conversation included a discussion about Brokaw’s general philosophy that is it our duty as Americans and as humans to perform some sort of service for the benefit of our community.  Brokaw noted that, in all of his speeches to various organizations, the call for service is the most significant part of his message.  Rose, at the 48:20 mark of this conversation, turned the tables, asking: “With all the talk you have made and your experience … [and] all the talk you have evoked at this table about service: suppose two people come to you and say, ‘It’s now time for Tom to make a contribution to the country.’  What are you going to say?”

Brokaw answered by noting his aforementioned lectures, implying that his particular type of service was performed by the message of service he delivered to students and other members of his audience.  But Rose pressed him, asking for Brokaw to name something specific, some particular service, that Brokaw would perform when asked.  Brokaw, sadly, lamentably, answered only that he was getting old and wanted to spend the rest of his days exploring new rivers to fish in.  At the end of the interview, Brokaw admitted that he needed to find a better answer to Rose’s challenge.

Such is service: incredibly easy to hold aloft with words, terribly heavy when placed upon our own shoulders.

Service - Part One
Service - Part Two
Service - Part Three
Service - Part Four
Service - Part Five

Patrick Snajder publishes A World of Logical Consequences and is currently pursuing his dream to become a professional in the animal husbandry industry.

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Barack Obama

On November 14th, President-elect Barack Obama posted his first weekly address on youtube. The address’ length was about three minutes and thirty seconds long, briefly addressing a variety of issues. Among other topics, (such as health care, the economic crisis, and education) President-elect Obama discussed his green energy plans: “...investing $150 billion dollars to build an American green energy economy that will create five million new jobs, while freeing out nation of the tyranny of foreign oil, and saving our planet for our children.”

The address didn’t go particularly far into specifics, but it did give a general consensus of Obama’s views on issues that will be of the utmost importance when his first Presidential term begins. Obama knows as well as anyone that he is inheriting a financial mess right off the bat on January 20th, so he wasted no time on bringing up the subject on his first address.

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