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Monday April 20, 2009 11:11 pm

To The People Surprised By Obama’s Radicalism

Posted by Sal Traina Categories: Editorials, Elections, Media,


It’s been a while since I posted here, but my past work is starting to seem pretty prophetic. I predicted the hard turn to the left, after President Obama pretended to be a moderate while campaigning. I also touched upon media bias, broken campaign promises, empty slogans, and radical ties, among other things.

I’m glad a small number of people are starting to open their eyes and question this administration, but why did so many people not see what I saw coming this past fall?


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Do people get into such a deep emotional investment this fall, and vote for Barack Obama, and now live in denial? I think a lot of people fall into that category, and of course, they wont admit to it. That’s not what I think the case is for everybody. Sadly, I know what the reason is for the Kool-Aid drinkers out there, still living in a blissfully-ignorant daze.

The Obama agenda-pushing mainstream media has so many people under their spell. I’d like for someone to give me the name of one journalist on any network news channel that is not openly biased, and not trying to push an agenda. You can’t, and there aren’t any journalists left on tv. The same goes for newspapers, and radio. What’s left? How about this idea? TRY LISTENING TO WHAT POLITICIANS ACTUALLY SAY. I have another idea. Studying their past, their upbringing, and their close ties can help too.

How did I know President Obama wasn’t the centrist that he portrayed himself to be? I read his books, listened to old speeches, looked at his voting record, and read some of his op-eds. One op-ed the President wrote was on a popular blog, The Daily Kos, tells his supporters on the far left to basically fool the public, to advance their agenda. I wrote about this right before election day.

It’s easy to push an agenda when there is no media left with any journalistic integrity. Besides bloggers like me who would shed light on things like this? When will more people start to be a little more open-minded, and use their brains, instead of their emotions? I can’t answer these questions, and sadly, do to a majority of politicians in congress that do what they want, and not what we want, I can’t see this mess being fixed any time in the near future

All I ask is that you back and read my past blog posts, and do so with an open mind. If you really like the path our country is heading down, then that’s you’re ideology, but if you’re starting to regret your vote, read my past articles, and continue reading my future posts…you might learn something.



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