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Lindsay Lohan Could Face ‘Significant Jail Time’

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Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan could face "significant jail time" after lying to the police about her car crash in June.

Although the Liz & Dick star previously told officials she wasn't driving her Porsche during the accident on the Pacific Coast Highway, but after several witnesses came forward to claim she was behind the wheel, police are now pushing for a period of incarceration for her as she is already on probation.

"Once Lindsay is formally charged with lying to cops, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office will ask for a formal probation violation hearing. At the conclusion of the probation hearing prosecutors will ask the judge to sentence Lindsay to significant time in jail, up to one year. Prosecutors and cops think there is more than enough evidence for the judge to find Lindsay in violation of probation and are hopeful that this time, she will face the maximum penalty for lying to cops. Remember, the burden is much lower for a probation violation, just the fact that Lindsay will be charged with a crime is enough for her probation to be revoked and sent to jail," a source said.


Julianne Moore’s Jewelry Stolen

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Julianne MooreJulianne Moore has had $125,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her home.

The Single Man actress - who recently won an Emmy for her portrayal of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin in TV movie Game Change - lost items including a $33,000 Cartier bracelet and four Cartier watches from her house in New York's West Village during the summer. The items disappeared between early June and late August, but were not noticed as Julianne and her husband Bart Freundlich were away from the property while it was being renovated.

Bob Gibson, a resident on Julianne's block, said he was sad to hear of what happened. "It's sad to hear something like this happened to one of your neighbors. She's a very good neighbor. That's how I see her," he told The New York Daily News.

The items were not secured, and the theft was reported on October 1 by one of Julianne's assistants. Police are believed to be questioning workers who were hired to do the maintenance in the five-story house, which included decorating and plumbing. However, no arrests have as yet been made.

Ashton Kutcher Victim of Burglary Hoax

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Ashton Kutcher's homeAshton Kutcher's Los Angeles home was targeted in a burglary prank.

Police rushed to the Two and a Half Men star's Arrowhead Drive mansion on Wednesday after receiving a distress call from a woman who claimed she was the victim of a violent home invasion robbery, but the case is now being treated as an elaborate prank known as "swatting."

The alleged victim called 911 and said she had locked herself inside one of the bachelor pad's bathrooms after three gun shots were fired and that "people were either injured or dead," according to TMZ. Three men were detained when the Los Angeles Police Department arrived on the scene, but it is now being reported the suspects were workers who were renovating the property under Ashton's authorization.

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Jennifer Hudson Leaves Court to Avoid Nephew Photos

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Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson walked out of court yesterday to avoid seeing photos of her murdered nephew.

The Oscar-winning-actress - who has been at the Cook County courtroom in Chicago since Monday observing the trial of William Balfour - left the room when a retired chief medical examiner showed the gunshot wounds suffered by seven-year-old Julian King. However, her fiance David Ortunga stayed behind to take extensive notes.

Julian was found dead in a car three days after police discovered the body of Jennifer's mother Darnell and brother Jason were discovered in their Chicago home. As the images of Julian were discussed in court, William was passed a tissue and he was seen dabbing his eyes. When the testimony ended, Jennifer returned to the room.

Prosecutors allege William flew into a jealous rage after he thought another man had given Julia a gift of balloons which he saw. Balfour is charged with first degree murder in their deaths in addition to home invasion, aggravated kidnapping, residential burglary and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. He has pleaded not guilty. The trial is expected to last for approximately four weeks.

Google: China Hackers Stole Valuable Source Code

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Google ChinaAccording to McAffee CTO George Kurtz the cyber-attacks that occurred in January targed a small number of employees who controlled source code management systems.  These source code management systems handle the myriad changes that developers make as they write software, the breach of which can have a cascade effect across multiple levels of and as many as 30 other business targeted in the January attacks.  Aside from being awesome and using ‘cyber-attack’ in a sentence, I also have some valuable source-code for sale at rock-bottom prices; check out my store at ‘CyberNinjaAssassinCassanova138’ on eBay.

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Facebook Helps Solve Crimes

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Crime ShotWhen two of her husband’s work trucks were burgled in Georgia, Mary Chapman went to Facebook instead of the police. She messaged her friend who in turn forwarded it to another who thought she had seen something strange. Within a few hours, they had found the teenage suspect, confronted him and settled the problem by downgrading the charge after he apologized. The police hadn’t even come up with a name.

Others are also using the social network site for crimes. In the UK, a man started “Find the Sale RAPIST,” with images from a security video to help find a man who assaulted his girlfriend and has attracted 7,277 members. And a web designer who found a wallet was contacted by its owner through Facebook.

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Jury Duty Can Result in Stress Related Disorders

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JuryHave you ever gotten depressed after serving jury duty? Psychologists at the University of Leicester in the UK claim that doing so can result in trauma for those who serve. They pinpointed witnessing harrowing and/or gruesome evidence related to crimes against people could result in anxiety, clinical levels of stress or even symptoms of PTSD. Dr. Noelle Robertson and colleagues say that women are most vulnerable and that a lot of it occurs because jurors are not allowed to talk about the case. The study was conducted on a small scale and the report suggests more support for jurors and making sure that they did not have similar past experiences.

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