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Keep Track of Your Kids by Their Coats

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Bladerunner JacketThe British clothing company Bladerunner has created a coat for children that features a GPS SiRF III in its lining. Originally made for mountain climbers and other sports fanatics, the jacket operates by the use of Google Earth maps and therefore can be used worldwide. Updated every 10 minutes, the image will narrow the view down to within 4 square meters. It also features Bladerunner’s slash-resistant lining and 2 dedicated buttons for emergencies. Considering that the outerwear has a price of $500.00 and $20.00 a month for the technology, we just hope you have one of those kids that is not the first to leave his/her coat at the local playground.

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Find WiFi Signal With T-Shirt

WiFi T-ShirtIf you have WiFi, it can often be difficult to find the right spot. But some mighty clever folks have designed a glowing, animated shirt that changes bar strength for the wireless signals. The clothing works for both 802.11b and 802.11g connections and runs on a battery pack concealed in an inside pocket. The decal is attached by hook and loop fasteners so that you can remove it to wash the shirt. It will work for several hours on three AAA batteries (not included.) The black t-shirt is available at ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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Bleeding Edge TV 187: SCOTTeVEST Performance Shirts

So, we’ve shown you quite a bit as it relates to products in the past. Overall, we’ve been generally impressed with how the company is able to make clothing that is both fashionable and convenient for those of us who carry around way too many gadgets. In this episode of Bleeding Edge TV, we take a look at a couple of SCOTTeVEST Performance Shirts. These shirts draw moisture from your body, as they are made from a special lightweight fabric given the Cool Comfort treatment. As with all SCOTTeVEST products, the shirts feature the Personal Area Network (PAN) that lets you string your cords through the innards of the clothing, rather than having them dangle externally. Take a look at the video, and let us know what you think.

SCOTTeVEST story told on Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea

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We’re currently working on getting the new episode of Bleeding Edge TV up in a few minutes, where we review a couple of the latest performance shirts. However, we just came across this video on YouTube video featuring SCOTTeVEST’s own Scott Jordan on the Donny Deutsch Show talking about how the SCOTTeVEST brand came in to being. It’s an interesting look at one of our favorite clothing companies, plus you get to see Scott pull all sorts of craziness out of his vest. Good times.

Armani Opens Boutique in Second Life

Armani BoutiqueGiorgio Armani has certainly been active of late. He has just teamed with Samsung, and now he has opened a virtual shop on Second Life. Modeled after his showplace in Milan, he will be sending an avatar of himself during its grand opening. Users of the site will be able to buy his wares with Linden Dollars or can connect to his Emporia Armani. The designer had this to say about the concept, “Finally, I can really be in two places at once.”

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Simpsons Become Collectors’ Footware

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Krusty Demon VansHomer Vans

When will Simpsonmania end? Every other commercial, Fox promo, and site has at least one ka-ching for Matt Groening and crew. We are pleased that in between the Squishees and Krusty battling the BK mascot, we found these anti-Simpson shoes. The Limited Edition Krusty the Demon Vans seem to be so popular that they are only available on eBay, from prices of $127.00 to upwards of $350.00. We did find one pair of Homer in Shattered Glass shoes by the same designer Tony Muñoz for $22.50, unless someone has already snatched them up to resell on eBay for a higher price, too.


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The Wonder Woman Bracelet: Coolest Accessory Ever?

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Wonder Woman Bracelet

Whether you grew up on the now-campy “Wonder Woman” TV series, read the DC comic or just a fan of Diana Prince’s all that-ness, we’ve got something for you. Yes, it’s the Wonder Woman bracelet! While the cuff won’t deflect bullets like Wonder Woman’s did (we assume), it’s a cool-as-hell accessory, bound to elicit smiles and conversations. The bracelet is 6"long, and fully adjustable. Not surprisingly, the cuff is currently on backorder, at $25 USD. Invisible plane not included.


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Threadless Spoilt Tee Ruins Movie Endings

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Spoilt Tee Shirt Design

We admit to being a little torn: we abhor spoilers, so we’re feeling a little guilty about loving this t-shirt so much. It’s the attention-grabbing, conversation-starting—and possibly violence-inducing—Spoilt Tee, which blatantly reveals the surprise ending to many popular (and cult) movies, and one TV show. Available in men’s and women’s sizes in black for $15-$17 USD. Pop culture kudos to those who can identify the source of each spoiler—which you’d better know if you wear this shirt. This

pop culture geek

writer got ‘em all except “The villagers sacrifice the policeman.” Wanna know the answers? You can find them, of all places, here.

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G-Man’s Convertible Travel Jacket Holds All Your Gadgets

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Convertible Travel JacketA little while back we brought you the iPod suit, which houses and controls everyone’s favorite MP3 player. But what if you wish to carry all your gadgets and travel accessories at once? We’d like you to meet G-Man’s Convertible Travel Jacket, “designed for law enforcement agents” and has a whopping 40 pockets (many hidden), in a variety of sizes to fit your wallet, PDA, MP3 player, cell phone, glasses, keys, pens, a water bottle and whatever else you can’t leave home without. The jacket even has hidden conduits for your gadgets’ wires, so they don’t get tangled. The cool thing is that it can go through an airport X-ray scanner, without you having to remove your gadgets! The jacket is waterproof, machine washable and has removeable sleeves and hood. Love it! Available for $230 USD.

For more gadget-enabled clothing, be sure to check out .

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iPod Apparel, for Ladies Only

iPod Mini SkirtSo we’ve featured -related apparel in the past, but mostly for men, such as belt buckles and suits. But now we’ve got a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for the ladies: a line of capris, mini skirts, jackets, shorts, boot leg pants and tanks, with a built-in pocket for your iPod or MP3 player, courtesy of Vickerey. iPod broken? The pocket lays flat while your buddy is being repaired. Prices range from $55 to $96 USD. As with our other obsessions—wacky USB-powered gadgets and unusual iPod docks—we can’t wait to see what’s next in the world of iPod apparel. Bra and panties, maybe?

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