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Microsoft Silverlight changes focus to Windows Phone 7

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Silverlight has been Microsoft's "Flash killer" for many years now, and as a web-centric platform, it's had very little traction. Most sites stuck with Flash, and those who didn't, moved onto HTML5, not Silverlight. Now, after neglecting the platform for a while now, Microsoft officially said that the focus for Silverlight is shifting to other areas.

In the words of Microsoft's Bob Muglia “Silverlight is our development platform for Windows Phone.” The platform is indeed the way developers are making apps for the mobile platform, but for those developers who had been building web based apps based on the technology, it may come as a bit of a cold shower. Still, this seems like the right move, as it's clear the web is moving on to the open HTML5, and away from proprietary technologies like Silverlight.

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Adobe answers Steve Jobs and his thoughts on Flash on iPad and iPhone

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Handhelds, Software, Videos,

Our pal Robert Scoble sat down with Anup Murarka, the Director of Technology Strategy and Partner Development for the Flash platform, and asked him about his thoughts on the perception that Steve Jobs has been giving to the press and consumers regarding Flash. You know, thinks like that it is a battery killer, crashes all the time, etc. Anup talks about Flash being implemented on mobile devices, their public bug tracker, and the significant enhancements in Flash 10.1 that seem to be overlooked.

It all sounds good, but still, don’t expect to see Flash running on your anytime soon.

Running Snow Leopard? You’d better upgrade Flash Player

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Oddly enough, amidst all the tweaks, fixes, and refinements in is an old version of the Adobe Flash Player. Specifically, the version of Flash Player that is included in Snow Leopard is Problem is, the newer includes fixes for a few security holes that, we assume, you’d prefer weren’t left on your system. If you’re running Snow Leopard and haven’t upgraded Flash yet, head on over to the Flash Player download page to take care of it.

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