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Friday December 31, 2010 12:54 pm

Top 10 most read Gear Live stories of 2010

Sure, we've given you a list of our top 10 most read stories of 2010, but we figured we'd go a bit more broad than that. We also thought it would be interesting to give you a look at the top ten most read stories on this site this year, period, regardless of what year they were posted. We must say, we're just as surprised as you are at what did (and didn't) make the list! Click on through to check out the full list!

Bleeding Edge TV 190: How to replace your iPhone battery: Our most read story of the year actually focuses on the original iPhone and how to manually replace the battery on that handset yourself.

SLEEPTRACKER Watch review: This one focuses on a watch that tracks your sleep data and aims to wake you up when you are in your lightest phase of sleep. The result is that you wake up feeling more rested, and more refreshed.

Fring on iPhone 4 brings Skype video calling over Wi-Fi and 3G: Before Skype officially brought video calling to their iOS app, Fring brought us Skype video calling in their app earlier this year. Skype quickly pulled that functionality and blocked Fring from allowing video calling over their network.

iPhone 3G vs iPod touch 2G in pictures: Odd that an image gallery featuring the iPhone and iPod touch from two years ago made our top ten list, but there it is!

Flash on iPhone 4 is just around the corner: We received word from many sources that Apple had Flash running on the iPhone internally a couple of years ago. Many were waiting for Flash to hit the device, and we reported that it had to be close. However, it looks like all Apple was doing was testing to see if they should allow Flash on their mobile devices, and I think we all know where the answer lies on that one.

Early Halo: Reach multiplayer beta code giveaway: Who doesn't like a good giveaway? Even better, a giveaway of an exclusive item that isn't generally available to the public yet?

Limited Edition white Beats by Dr. Dre headphones hands-on: You can't deny that Monster has a hit on their hands with the Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones.

How Google Maps got me out of a traffic ticket: An old entry, but it's definitely a good read. One of our contributors tells the story of how they used Google Maps to get out of a traffic ticket, proving that the cop that issued the ticket didn't know what the heck they were talking about.

Modify your Xbox without a mod chip: This one comes as no surprise--there are a lot of modders out there.

10 Gadget Sightings in Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Music Video: Bringing up the rear of the top ten list is a story that, itself, is a top ten list. When Lady Gaga released the Bad Romance music video, our eagle eyes spotted ten different gadgets featured throughout, and we listed them here.

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