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Rosario Dawson Wants Sin City Sequel Soon

Rosario Dawson in Sin CitySin City actress Rosario Dawson said that she needs the sequel to happen soon if she’s going to fit into the barely-there outfits.

The 31-year-old actress - who played prostitute dominatrix Gail in the first movie adaptation of the graphic novel - explained while she is keen to work on a sequel, director Robert Rodriguez needs to start filming soon or she will feel too old for the skimpy costumes associated with the character.

“The last time I saw Robert Rodriguez was a month ago and he really wants to make Sin City 2 happen. I said, ‘I understand you’ve been taking your time, but if you want me to wear the outfit that fits into one hand, dude. I’m not getting any younger.’”

The star also admitted she is grateful for her unusual looks - which are a combination of her Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, Native American and Irish descent - as some of her more conventional-looking friends struggle to find acting work: “I have friends of mine who are actresses, who all have blonde hair and blue eyes, tell me they think I am going to work more than them. One of my friends in particular - and she’s a pretty big actress - said, ‘There are a million girls who show up who look just like me every single day in Los Angeles fighting for the exact same job.’”


Chris Noth: Sex and the City Movies are Over

Sex and the City 2

Given Sex and the City 2’s dismal opening weekend and horrible reviews, this announcement should come as no surprise: there will be no more sequels. At least, not according to Chris Noth.

“It’s over. The franchise is dead. The press killed it. Your magazine f**king killed it,” the

bitter angry realistic pessimistic

actor declared recently to New York Magazine.

“It’s like all the critics got together and said, ‘This franchise must die.’ Because they all had the exact same review. It’s like they didn’t see the movie,” Noth, who played Mr. Big in the series, added.

So what do you think of Noth’s comments? Are you glad SATC is finally being put to rest—or are you holding out hope for another round?

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Sherlock Holmes Sequel to Shoot in October

Jude Law on the set of the first Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes 2 will start shooting earlier than planned. Filming for the -directed sequel had originally been due to take place in December, but now Jude Law - who played Dr. Watson in the first movie - says cameras could now start rolling in October

“It looks likely that we’re going to shoot the second in October,” Law said.
However, Jude says he doesn’t know the storyline yet but is looking forward to seeing what novel about the detective Ritchie and his team are going to adapt to the big screen: “I don’t know yet where the story will go, but there are a lot of Sherlock Holmes novels to choose from.”

Although the first Sherlock Holmes movie - which also starred - was successful at the box office, Jude insists it didn’t bother him whether it was or not. “I had so much fun making Sherlock Holmes that the question of how much money it would make just wasn’t one of my priorities. Of course I was really pleased it was such a success but mostly because that will give me the opportunity to work with Robert and Guy again.”

Angelina Jolie Wanted Mr. and Mrs. Smith Sequel

Mr. and Mrs. Smith wanted to star in a Mr. & Mrs. Smith sequel, but there was no original plot idea. The actress, who met Brad Pitt on the set of the 2005 movie, admits she and the actor had considered reprising their roles as married assassins but were not happy with any of the potential storylines they were presented with.

“People have tried to come up with a sequel. And it’s strange: do we have kids in the movie? We’ve thought about that, but it becomes personal now that we actually have kids. And if we work on it, we pull from our own life, which is funny to us, but you feel strange sharing too much. We did ask somebody to look into Mr. & Mrs. to see if they could crack a sequel, but there wasn’t anything original. It was just, Well, they’re going to get married, or they’ve got kids, or they get separated. Never great.”

The Salt star, however, admitted she would love to work with Brad again, but doesn’t think people would want to see them play a couple:

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Sequel News: The Hobbit, Wimpy Kid and More

The Hobbit: Guillermo Del Toro’s exit from The Hobbit doesn’t necessarily mean an end for the prequels. Lord of the Rings’ Peter Jackson is now in talks to serve as both producer and director. It’s still hoped the two films can be released in 2012 and 2013.

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Jonah Hill Confirms How to Train Your Dragon Sequel

Jonah Hill at How to Train Your Dragon premiereWhile it shouldn’t be much of a shock considering the animated film’s success, has confirmed there will be a How to Train Your Dragon sequel.

The actor, who provides the voice to bullying character Snotlout in the 3-D animated adventure, confirmed plans were in motion for a follow-up to the first movie, which grossed $448 million internationally upon its release earlier this year.

“Yeah, we’re going to make a sequel. I’m excited about that. I just talked to Jeffrey Katzenberg and he told me we were going to make a sequel. It’ going to be fun. Those movies are fun.”

The 26-year-old star, who is currently promoting his latest film Get Him to the Greek with British funny man , also admits his long-term plan is to work behind the lens on movies: “I just love films. I love talking about movies. I love watching movies. I want to be a director. That’s my ultimate goal and I like writing and producing movies. “Honestly, I just want to look back on my career and be proud of every film that I do and not worry about what genre it is or how people perceive me or if I have fans. That’s far less important to me than the quality of what you’re doing.”

Hairspray 2 Project Canned

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Another sequel bites the dust. As Hollywood rushes to reboot films which were perfectly made in the first place and begins scrambling to offer up more new installments in incredibly tired horror franchises, flicks we actually want to see are dropping off like flies. It’s a dark day in the musical movie genre: 2 is dead.

“That got killed,” director reported of the planned sequel. “I was so happy with the first one, let’s leave well enough alone. It’s all good.”

No way! Time for a fan campaign!

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Sequel News: Paranormal Activity, The Hangover and More

Scream 4: The Scream series is known for killing off beautiful young starlets, so the the fourth installment should make no exceptions. So far Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere have both been confirmed for Scream 4. Roberts will play Sidney Prescott’s cousin while Panettiere has reportedly been cast as the best friend. The film will premiere on April 15, 2011.

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Drew Barrymore to Direct Oz Sequel

Drew Barrymore directing Whip It

From roller derbies to somewhere over the rainbow, is to direct a Wizard of Oz sequel.

The actress - who marked her directorial debut earlier this year with - is set to go behind the camera for Surrender Dorothy, a project she was originally set to star in eight years ago. Although the film - based on a script by Zach Helm - appeared to have been shelved in October 2002, it has now been resurrected by Warner Bros, though it unclear whether Drew is still planning to act in it too.

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Sequel News: Romy and Michele, Planet of the Apes and More

Planet of the Apes: The apes will rise again in 2011 when Fox delivers a Planet of the Apes prequel. The movie - currently titled Rise of the Apes - will have photo-realistic apes incorporated into the cautionary tale. The story, written by The Relic‘s Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa, will explain how genetic engineering experimentation lead to the apes’ development. The Rupert Wyatt-directed film will be set in present-day San Francisco.

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