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Sunday June 19, 2005 4:50 pm

DiscHub Version 2.0 Review

Posted by Sparky Categories: Accessories, Features, Product Reviews

DiscHub ReviewOne of the greatest innovations to come to the computing market in years just got a bit better! A little over a year ago DiscHub launched their fantastic disc management system. DiscHub just launched the second version of their product and I have had the pleasure of reviewing the improvements. Check out the full review after the jump.

What it is:
The DiscHub was amazingly simple yet one of the most useful things I’ve ever used. It’s two plastic pieces in a V formation with 11 staggered slots cut in them and sandwiched between the two pieces is a slotted piece of soft neoprene. CD’s and DVD’s fit into these slots keeping them safe from scratches and organized for easy access.

What it does:
The DiscHub helps you manage the ever present stack of CD’s, DVD’s and burnt media that floats around the desk and entertainment center of every true geek. It’s 11 slots provide great temporary storage for discs without scratching them. Not only does it protect the discs from scratching each other but it staggers them making it easy to see all 11 discs and quickly grab the one you want.

Why DiscHub is a must own item:
DiscHubA DiscHub not only organizes and temporarily stores your CD’s and DVD’s but it helps cut down on clutter. I own four of the first version of the DiscHub and use them every day. I keep one with my DVD collection, one by my video game systems, another by the computer desk, and a final one in the bedroom for CD’s and such on the bedside table. I’ve actually bought about 10 of them and given one to various friends and family members. Every single person I’ve given one too has ended up using it on a day to day basis. The DiscHub even helps protect discs in case of clumsy accidents - I knocked the DiscHub off my desk on accident once and rather than having a pile of discs tumble to the floor and get scratched the whole thing fell, bounced once, and landed on it’s side - none of the discs inside were even slightly scratched!

What they improved with the second version:
Well from the users perspective not that much. They modified their construction methods so that the two plastic pieces snap together rather than be glued together. They also added some rubberized feet to make it most slip resistant and less likely to scratch a polished table top. Is it worth upgrading if you have a first generation DiscHub? Probably not, but both the first and second generation DiscHub’s are fantastic.

So many good things to say - what’s the downside?
Well the DiscHub is nearly as perfect as a computing accessory can be. The only problem I’ve ever encountered with them is dust: after the DiscHub has sat on a computer desk for a number of months it does get a little bit of dust on the neoprene which can wipe off onto discs when you put them into the DiscHub. Luckily this is an easily solved problem as the entire DiscHub can be washed with warm water.

Where can I get one?
You can get one from the DiscHub online store with free shipping on orders of three or more. What’s more, if you use the promotional code “GearLive” during checkout,  you will receive a $2.00 discount!

The final word:
DiscHub Review Go buy one. Go buy five. You want a DiscHub - you need a DiscHub. So simple, yet so functional, this one is an Editors Choice.

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