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Friday October 17, 2008 5:11 pm

Dean Browski’s NFL Picks for Week 7

10-4 last week to move over .500, look out!  Here comes Week 7 and further above the .500 mark!

Season: 44-41-3
Last Week: 10-4-0

San Diego Chargers @ Buffalo Bills
Notes: Another 1pm east coast game for the Chargers. Same scenario in Miami two weeks ago resulted in a Charger loss. The Bills are coming off thier bye week, just like the Dolphins were.
Pick: Bills -1

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals
Notes: The Steelers had a bye last week, while the Bengals went to New York and lost to the Jets after losing the week before to the Cowboys in an emotionally tough game.  Palmer is out, so are the
Pick: Steelers -9.5

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs
Notes: The Chiefs beat the Broncos in KC, and the Titans aren’t that good.  They really, really aren’t that good.
Pick: Chiefs +9

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins
Notes: The Ravens are 2-3, the Dolphins are 2-3.  The Dolphins two wins are against the Patriots and Chargers.  The Ravens two wins are against the Bengals and Browns.  Any questions?
Pick: Dolphins -3
Dallas Cowboys @ St. Louis Rams
Notes: This line opened at 9 and on the news that Tony Romo would not be starting at quarterback for the Cowboys it dropped to its current 7.  The Rams beat the Redskins last week for their first win
of the year.  The Redskins lost more than the Rams won.  A lot of stuff went on and is going on with the Cowboys.  I believe the Cowboys are done, finished, kaput, though they can certainly still win on
Pick: Cowboys +7

San Francisco 49ers @ New York Giants
Notes: Everyone is so shocked by the Giants loss on Monday night to the Browns.  Don’t be.  No disrespect to the Giants, but they are not a juggernaut.  They are a good team, well balanced, with a
nice group of playmakers and tough defense.  But when their quarterback throws interceptions in the red zone, and their defense allows receivers to run free in the secondary the Giants suddenly become rather
pedestrian . . . go figure.  49ers are a west coast team playing on the east coast at 1pm.  Big lines and the Giants don’t usually go well together, but this week I am betting they will.
Pick: Giants -10.5

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears
Notes: Tough loss for the Bears last week, but there is no shame in losing to the Falcons.  There would have been shame on the Vikings if they lost to the Lions, but they didn’t.  Adrian Peterson ran
for 224 yards last year in Chicago.  Expect a close game.
Pick: Vikings +3

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers
Notes: The Panthers looked horrible last week in Tampa.  Trap set!
Pick: Panthers -3

Detroit Lions @ Houston Texans
Notes: I went 5-stars on the Texans last week and I guaranteed a win.  The guarantee came through but the cover did not.  I am going 5-stars again this week on Houston.
Pick: Texans -9

Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers
Notes: The Colts are finding their rhythm and the Packers ended a 3-game skid in Seattle last week.  Overall I believe the Colts are a better team.
Pick: Colts -1

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders
Notes: Do you think the Jets are at least a decent team?  If you do, then how do you walk away from only having to cover 3 points?  This game smells like a trap, but the Raiders really are bad and
they don’t even have an intangible to point to as a saving grace.
Pick: Jets -3

Cleveland Browns @ Washington Redskins
Notes: The Redskins beat the Cowboys and Eagles on the road and then lose to the Rams at home.  HUH?!?!?  The Redskins will not be as bad as they were last week, and the Browns won’t be as good as
they were last week.
Pick: Redskins -7

Seattle Seahawks @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Notes: The Seahawks are bad, the Buccaneers are good.
Pick: Buccaneers -10.5

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots
Notes: New Engalnd is happy to be home after two straight games on the opposite coast.  I can’t shake the fact that the Broncos lost to Kansas City.
Pick: Patriots -3



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