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Wednesday was somewhat eventful, at least in terms of real basketball.  Utah had their 12-game winning streak snapped in Atlanta, Miami upset the Celtics, and the Knicks took down the Pistons on the road in overtime.  It’s worth noting that Dwyane Wade had a poor shooting night, but still willed his team to a big win over the Celtics, something that I said yesterday he’d need to do before I seriously put him in my personal MVP race.  Well, in my books, he’s number two right now right behind LeBron James.  Sorry Kobe.

Wednesday’s best:  Chris Paul for sure.  He had a triple-double, posting 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 13 assists, along with 4 steals in a comeback win over the Wizards.  If only the Hornets could get their you-know-what together, Paul would be right in the thick of the MVP race.

Wednesday’s worst:  Oh Ben Gordon, why must you tease us?  After posting 43 points Monday, he shoots 1-10 for 4 big points in a big loss at Orlando.  How you go from 8-11 from three point range Monday to 0-1 Wednesday blows my mind.  Explain it to me Bulls fans.  I dare you to try.

Keep an eye on:  Never thought I’d say this, but… JJ Redick? He’s been getting some minutes in the last two games (30 Monday and 21 Wednesday) and has averaged 11 in those two.  But where you might find use for him is while streaming in the playoffs.  He could be good for an assured three a gamewith the right minutes if you’re in a deep league or the wire is thin.

What to watch for Thursday:
  TNT Thursday features Lakers at Spurs followed by Cavaliers at Suns (a game I wish I was going to).  The first will be typical Lakers/Spurs, and the second will be… a blowout.  I’m poredicting a big game for A) Mo Williams, B) LeBron James, or C) both of them.


JaVale McGeeOkay, maybe not all, but if you can afford to stash a high-upside center on your bench…do it.

In a 12-team league where I have a considerably deep bench, last week, I added JaVale McGee with hopes of more double-double love.  I’m considering it in another league that is a bit more shallow, with the only hurdle being who to drop.  And now that we have the words Sports Illustrated and GMTR, it’s looking like the radar has officially received a new blip.  And that blip is a seven-foot tall kid with the wingspan of a pterodactyl. 

B-Ref shows his 36-minute numbers to provide a very solid 15 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks with 52.2 percent shooting.  Now, just like Nels mentioned, we can’t bank on 36 minutes.  However, once the Wiz brass gets restless, look for a lot more of McGee as the fans love him and (quite frankly!), what do they have to lose?  And why shouldn’t you benefit from that?

Dropping Dimes is trying out a new feature. Fantasy 30 intends to rank all of the NBA teams in terms of fantasy power. A list like this tends to lead to a lot of disagreement and discussion, but the hope is that these rankings will be fluid and updated as the year goes on. Thanks to Ron Chow for the assist. In addition to publishing updates on the Fantasy 30, once in a while we hope to produce sister articles that focus on a specific team and its roster.

#1: Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant ranks as a top four fantasy player this year. The Lakers employ two fantasy-worthy starters for center in Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Lamar Odom has played well coming off the bench. Jordan Farmar has sleeper point guard potential, and the team also employs three-point threats like Derek Fisher and Vlad Radmanovic. All of this adds up to the Lakers being top dog early in the year.

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Brendan Haywood The first preseason game for the Washington Wizards did not go as planned.  Not only is Gilbert Arenas slated to miss some crucial time, but injuries to forward Antawn Jamison and center Brendan Haywood added a little salt in the wound.  News today says that Jamison only has a bruised knee and should be good to go.  Haywood, however, is looking to miss the next four-to-six months with wrist surgery. 

“He’s really big for us back there in terms of communicating to the other guys about what is going on and where we need to be, so that’s going to be missed,” Jamison said. “We’re going to have to find a way for other guys to fill that role.”


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Antawn Jamison
Drafting in the four spot has so far yielded a top flight center Amare Stoudemire and Rashard Lewis, a SF/PF-eligible player who can fill it up from outside while strengthening the percentages. Options in the third round are to either add a point guard, or find another PF-eligible player who can score, rebound, and hit the trey. Teamed with ‘Shard, this player helps make this fantasy team’s forward spots a tough check when it comes to moneyballs.

Round 3, Pick 4: Antawn Jamison, SF/PF, Washington Wizards

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Gilbert Arenas says
The end of the first round presents an interesting dilemma to ponder this year. A few megastars with studly fantasy pedigrees will remain available due to their injury woes last season. Some pumped up Gilbert Arenas as a first overall pick last year…should have listened to that voice in your head that actually believes in that video game cover jinx.

“High risk, high reward.” That phrase gets uttered a lot in my main league whenever someone gambles and rolls the dice. So does betting on Gilbert this year mean snake eyes or that lucky number seven? Because you’d hate to crap out on entire year with your first pick.

The Fig Cap: 11th pick and I’ll still available??? Pick me!

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Caron Butler Scoring?  Check.  Hustle stats?  Check.  Year-over-year improvement since 2003?  You got it.

One of fantasy’s most underrated players over the last handful of years has finally made the jump into the first round.  Sure, his position isn’t exactly a rarity, but you can no longer turn a cheek at the production that we have seen, and continue to see from the man they call “Tough Juice.” 

Caron Butler, SF, Washington Wizards

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By now, you’ve likely heard that a few of last season’s top producers (and one that should have been pre-injury) have decided that they will test the free agency waters. 

Obviously, this will have a vast impact on the upcoming fantasy season.  Rumors have it that Baron Davis will look at the Clippers, with the possible addition of Gilbert Arenas in Golden State?  It’s a crazy world we live in; this I know. 

Stay tuned to see where these players land, as we’re seeing some serious cash being left on the respective tables.  And if you have time to kill, head to Disney World.  You may just run into a future top-three fantasy pick!

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LeBron driving past Chris KamanLBJ and his Cavs got the job done against the Washington Wizards in game one of their first round series. Confidence should be admired, but adding fuel to the fire against someone like LeBron seems like risky business. Just ask Chris Bosh’s girlfriend.

Let’s recap the opening two games and set up the two-on-two matches for the upcoming week.

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Antawn Jamison

The Fig Cap: “WOO HOO!  Patrick is writing about ME!”

GUEST BLOGGER: Patrick Madden from Give Me The Rock

“I don’t get no respect!! That’s the story of my life, no respect, ya know?”

Antawn Jamison: Olympics bronze medal winner, NBA Sixth Man of the Year, one time NBA All-Star. 

It’s the perfect byline for a team’s second banana. Jamison is the Jackie Chan to Gilbert Arenas’ Chris Tucker. He’s Danny Glover’s Roger Murtaugh to Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs. If the Wizards were the Jackson Five, Jamison would be Jermaine Jackson. If they were an 80’s television show, Jamison would be Ricardo Tubbs. 

You get the idea, I hope. Agent Zero gets the accolades, the media attention, the awards, the swag, the NBA 08 Live video game cover, the million dollar birthday parties, the blog, the professional Halo team, and the Hibachi. Even Jamison’s catch phrase seems like the boy wonder version of Arenas’. According to the Washington Post, Jamison calls out “Fiji” after every jump shot he makes. Ah, you might want to stop that immediately Antawn.

Round 5, Pick 1: Antawn Jamison, SF/PF, Washington Wizards

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