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Thursday October 9, 2008 9:44 am

Jamison’s Okay.  Haywood, Not So Much.

Brendan Haywood The first preseason game for the Washington Wizards did not go as planned.  Not only is Gilbert Arenas slated to miss some crucial time, but injuries to forward Antawn Jamison and center Brendan Haywood added a little salt in the wound.  News today says that Jamison only has a bruised knee and should be good to go.  Haywood, however, is looking to miss the next four-to-six months with wrist surgery. 

“He’s really big for us back there in terms of communicating to the other guys about what is going on and where we need to be, so that’s going to be missed,” Jamison said. “We’re going to have to find a way for other guys to fill that role.”


And as fantasy owners, you too will have to find a way to fill that role.  This injury to Haywood further increases the value of Caron Butler (already a first round pick) and Jamison.  Antonio Daniels may be asked to do more at the point role, but to me, two men get a huge raise in value: Andray Blatche and rookie center JaVale McGee. 

Blatche recently put up 14 points, two steals and a block in 24 minutes of play.  He had somewhat of a breakout year last season, and could easily keep that rolling this year.  But it was McGee who recorded 20 points, eight boards and three blocks against the Grizzlies.  Sure, not every game will have a preseason feel to it, but keep an eye on this guy as he could turn some heads as a late round fantasy addition.



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