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Comic Book Jobs: Comixology

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ComixologyNothing says the future quite like "digital comics." And the leader in the digital comic book distribution game so far is Comixology.

Their New York office has four openings for people just like you.

First up is 2nd Shift Production Assistant, a part-time gig where you'll "set price information and activate price changes in multiple databases" and "participate in various tasks related to book activation and banner art/featured list updates across our various platforms and apps."

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Comic Book Jobs: Comixology

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Comixology LogoThe future of comic books will be digital, and one of the leaders in that direction is Comixology. They're in a hiring phase right now and if you've got the mad skills, they've got the jobs.

First up is a position for Product Manager.

Next is Product Director.

Then there's an opening for Production Manager.

Followed by one for a UX Manager, and I don't even know what that is. But it sounds very computery.

And so does the opening for System Administrator Manager.

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Comic Book Jobs: Dark Horse Comics

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BaltimoreEven if you can't draw or write, you can make the leap into the digital space of comics at Dark Horse.

They're looking for 2 "Python / Django / Android / iOS Developers" for their Milwaukie, OR offices. These are full-time, salaried positions.

So if you "enjoy building web and mobile applications using a mix of open source technologies, and enjoy a creative and casual work environment," they'd love to talk to you.

Dark Horse uses Python/Django for their content management and e-commerce web projects and they like to "keep things moving without subjecting everyone to a lot of meetings and heavyweight process."

If you have "deep knowledge of web technology, including client and server-side development and experience with at least one object-oriented language (Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.) and a solid grasp of OO concepts" this could be the job for you.

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Weekend Reading: SOPA, DC, Toth and Redshirts

Stop SopaWelcome to the weekend! Let's see what the internets hold for us!

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter speaks out against SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. It really is a terrible bill that does more harm than good and Tom makes a strong case to do everything you can to stop it from being passed.

Mark Evanier doesn’t like the proposed law either.

If you’re an aspiring fantasy/sci-fi writer, the Clarion Workshop is accepting applications, according to Boing Boing. You can find a list of Clarion alumni here.

And award-winning sf writer John Scalzi provides even more details and words of encouragement about Clarion.

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DC’s New Reboot: Top 10 Comments

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DC RelaunchReboot, relaunch, retcon.

The comics industry is full of fun words that mean the same thing: sales tool.

In case you've been living in a house with a mortgage and haven't heard the news yet, DC Comics is taking their entire comic book universe back to some sort of beginning and starting all over again.

It's a great strategy because I think we all know hundreds of fans that have been avoiding comic books because of how high the issue #'s are.

And as part of the same announcement, DC's switching to same day digital release of their printed comics, so I don't have to rush to the comic book store.

Naturally, everyone's talking about this bold move and not just on Twitter and Facebook. Here's a rundown of the Top 10 Things That People Are Saying about DC's new initiatives:

10. Finally! A reboot that changes everything forever! ZOMG!

9. Now I can bitch about DC's titles on the same device I read them on!

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My New Year’s Resolutions For 2011

Disney AfternoonI don’t like NYR’s for the simple reason that I never keep them. Lose weight, eat healthier, start smoking just so I can fail at quitting.

But this year, well, this year, I’m sure to keep some of these resolutions. Won’t you join me?

10. I will read many more webcomics, bookmark them and recommend them.

9. I won’t buy a Marvel or DC comic at a price point greater than $2.99.

8. But yet I will buy all the hardcovers from The Library of American Comics.

7. Read even more independent comics. I think that’s where the real interesting stuff is and has always been.

6. I will download more comics to my iPad. I’ll pay for them, too.

5. Figure out which movie will make less money: Green Lantern or Thor.

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Weekend Reading: Gene Day, Wonder Woman and Old Indiana Jones

Lynda CarterIt’s been a great internet this week, so let’s take a look!

Comics & Media: There’s someone out there who believes that The Walking Dead comic books and trade compilations won’t see a boost in sales despite the tremendous success of the new TV series. Dirk Deppey delivers the smackdown and makes me wish I could write like that. (Scroll down a little.)

I only have anecdotal “evidence” about the book’s success from this year’s San Diego Con. I saw The Walking Dead booth doing tremendous business, and by Friday afternoon, they’d sold out of all the Volume 1 compilations they’d brought to the show (which still had more than two days to go).

And speaking of smackdowns, Lynda Carter tells Megan Fox to STFU.

P. Craig Russell: Want to have a sneak peek at his upcoming digital comic, The Gift of the Magi? I know you do.

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Comic Book Jobs: Comixology

Remember that whole digital thing that’s supposed to knock off the printed comic book? Oh wait, that’s still happening!

If you want to be part of the industry now that we’ve passed “peak comic book,” ComiXology the “digital comics leader” is looking for a couple of new people.

First up is a LAMP Developer, someone with “2+ years of experience with Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP. Additional experience with AJAX/JavasScript/HTML5 (jQuery), XML, HMTL, XMLRPC, SOAP and other development environments is preferred.”

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When Speaks The Blowhards

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NachosOne of the reasons I like the San Diego Comic Con/Comic Con International so much is that I get to see old friends and co-workers. That happened yet again (what a shock!) at this year’s convention.

Chris Ulm (one of the cofounders of the app company Appy Entertainment) and Dave Olbrich, now at Space Goat Productions, and little old me started talking about comics in the digital age along with the quality of nachos in restaurants surrounding the convention area.

That conversation ended when the sports bar closed, but Chris and I picked it up again on Facebook. Dave had dropped out, but Paul O’Connor, another pal who also co-founded Appy Entertainment and runs their company blog, joined in.

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Comic Book Jobs: Marvel.com

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Spider-Man MovieDigital comics are here to stay, and publishers who avoid them or fear them will lose to them. To that end, Disney’s Marvel Comics is looking for a Senior Producer/Product Manager for Marvel.com.

This “creative and highly motivated” person will “oversee day-to-day production of Marvel.com and to help define and manage the evolution of our Digital Comics products.”

Your responsibilities include a lot of buzzwords like “end users,” “stakeholders,” and “pipelines,” but you’ll basically be growing Marvel’s digital business – developing plans, implementing new programs, and rolling out new features and support for new products.

You’ll also get to monitor trends and news in “the digital comics space” (which I believe is also called “the internet”), collect feedback, conduct research, grow subscriptions and increase ad revenue.

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