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Lara CroftAre you hot? Are you in “great shape” and will you look “good in a catsuit?” Oh, and are you a woman? If you answered “yes” to those three Q’s, the Montreal Comiccon 2010, “a trade show dedicated to comic books, manga, sci-fi and horror,” is looking for 5 models just like you.

They’re assembling an “Action Team” of charming female superheroes, “dressed in Lara Croft-inspired costumes (black catsuits, utility belts and weapons!)”

If you fit the costume and the costume fits you, you’ll be working on both Saturday and Sunday, September 11-12, 2010. Your job will be to “walk around the trade show, interact with guests, create ambiance and pose for pictures.”

The Action Team will also act as leggy information booths, carrying “maps and programs of the trade show” and be ready to “answer random questions from visitors,” a lot of which will be: “Are you single?”, “Is your name really Lara?”, “How’d you like to raid my tomb (snicker, snort)?”

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Comic Book GuyI find Craigslist very entertaining and amusing. I love what people post over there, especially in the jobs section. A lot of people seem to want others to do their work for them for very little money. Shocking!

But still, there are occasional jobs that are comic book-related, and only a few of them want to see your naked bits, so let’s take a look:

Super Earth: A self-proclaimed yet unnamed “renewable energy company” is looking for a petite actor will to dress up as Super Earth to perform at various street festivals and functions around New York City.

Partial Nudity: I’m sure this opportunity has passed since Comic Con is mere hours away by now, but it was a chance to appear naked in a Dark Knight Returns fan film. You’d have to be under 5’4”, blond and be willing to show off some of your Robin-like skin.

Female Models: Another unnamed company is interested in some comic book-style models for a coffee table art book to debut at San Diego’s Comic Con International in 2011. Naturally, they want some partial nudity too, but they’re willing to pay for a peek at your parts.

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Rob HanesSo I’m surfing through the postings online about the San Diego con as I’m packing to get ready and I discover some great news courtesy of Heidi at Comics Beat.

Creator/writer/artist Randy Reynaldo is releasing the first full color Rob Hanes comic called Rob Hanes Adventures Special Edition #1 in time for purchase at the con. While he’s there, he’ll also be promoting the upcoming September collection, “The first volume of a projected series of trade paperbacks collecting the entire Rob Hanes Adventures series,” according to his press release.

This is great news for fans of the strip (one of them is me, in case you haven’t guessed) – and if you can’t make it to the con to pick up the color special, you can order it from Randy’s website, along with a ton of other cool stuff. If you’ve never seen a Rob Hanes adventure, you’re in for a treat. Randy is an adventure cartoonist in the very best sense, working in a style that recalls Terry And The Pirates and, especially, Roy Crane’s work on Captain Easy (plus a nod or three to Jonny Quest).

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Darkwing DuckSo once again, I’m going to the San Diego con. I mean, in San Diego.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking – the noise, the crowds, and oh all that non-comic book stuff. The cosplayers, the Twi-hards, the (gasp) movie and TV people. Well, I don’t care – I welcome them all. And if the hardcore funnybook fans need to bitch and moan that the con “isn’t about comics anymore,” well that just sounds like the nerd equivalent of “get off my lawn.”

Here’s a link to the con website that has all the programming events for each day. I took that list and sorted it by just comics-related programming and here’s the result. Honestly, there are so many that you’ll be the star of your own private Walking Dead mini-series before Friday’s over.

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Michael Cera is literally just around the corner and no one’s got time for long-winded intros. Let’s get right to it:

Scott Pilgrim: Adam Sternbergh writes about Michael Cera, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and ties it all in to his fancrush on Alpha Flight. Yes, you read that right. It all takes place in The Walrus, the Canadian magazine of, oh yeah, you read that right, too. Canada has a magazine.

Captain Action: He’s not a “doll,” he’s an “action figure,” and he’s back in action courtesy of Beau Smith and Eduardo Baretto in the upcoming Captain Action Winter Special from Moonstone. Beau talks about the issue with First Comics News.

Dick Tracy: The plainclothes detective’s self-titled comic strip may soon go the way of Little Orphan Annie, but at least there’s a website devoted to his work. And it’s packed with goodies for Tracy fans to enjoy, including some never-before-published material by Max Allan Collins and Joe Staton. Click fast because the site is referred to as a “limited time tribute website.”

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Chew #12The congratulations keep coming for writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory!

Following in the footsteps of the Image comic’s first trade paperback, Taster’s Choice, the second volume, International Flavor landed on the New York Times Best Sellers List this week. Considering that the movie buzz has sent fans flocking to comic book stores and blockading much of the list, this is quite an accomplishment.

The series follows Tony Chu, an FDA agent who receives psychic sensations from anything he consumes (coined a “cibopath”), on his adventures in a reality where eating chickens is illegal.

Layman and Guillory are scheduled to be at , selling the hardcover Chew Omnivore Edition (set for wide release on August 11) as well as a special convention variant cover for Chew #12 (in stores next week, on July 14). Make sure you get there quick—I have a hard time believing that a cover titled “The Radioactive Mona Lisa Chicken Cover” will take long to sell out.

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Prime #4Comic Con International in San Diego is closer than you think. Years ago, I started compiling my own list of convention secrets starting with a great place to go to the bathroom that’s tucked away in a corner, just minutes from the convention floor, and no one seems to know about it. Then I read the list compiled by Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter and I am ashamed of my own ineptitude. If you’re going to the con this summer, you need to read Tom’s list of 135 tips.

After you’ve finished reading Tom’s tips, here are a few other links to brighten your weekend…

Want To Be A Writer?: Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Step into any cocktail party or backyard barbecue and it’s full of people bursting with ideas, if only they can find someone who could take a few minutes to write it all down for them. The real trick is finding places that might be interested in publishing something once it’s all written down. If you feel like writing some stuff down, John Scalzi (the Hugo Award-winning sf author) and Wil Wheaton (yes, that Wil Wheaton) have joined forces to create a writing contest that’s win-win-win for all. Maybe even you.

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Shel Dorf with Warren Beatty

Comic book fans all over the world have experienced a great loss: Sheldon Dorf (pictured to the left of actor Warren Beatty), the founder of San Diego Comic Con, has died at the age of 76.

A victim of diabetes, Dorf had been hospitalized for about a year; he died of kidney failure in San Diego on Tuesday. Dorf started Comic-Con in San Diego after having moved from Detroit in 1970; today, the convention has turned into a media frenzy, attracting around 125,000 fans a year.

Dorf, a freelance artist and letterer, was a major contribution to the comic book industry and will be greatly missed.

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Meet Stan Lee!Comic book god Stan Lee is joining forces with Hero Initiative, agreeing to meet and greet six winners at the Pittsburgh Comicon.

In order to nab one of the coveted six slots, you’ve got to sharpen your eBay skills and bid on them at the Hero Initiative‘s account. Currently at $157 a pop, the 2 days that you have left will most likely see an exponential increase in price; however, what does money matter when you get to meet Stan Lee?

If you get past that hurdle, the event will take place on Saturday, September 12; once there, you will be escorted to the VIP room by personnel and receive pictures with Stan and two autographs on items of your choice, on top of gracing his presence.

All proceeds of the auction benefit Hero Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to aiding comic book creators in financial and medical support. In other words, you’ll be doing charity while meeting The Man!

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Fábio Moon and Gabriel BáIn case you’re one of the luckier

richer people in this world (myself not included, very much to my dismay), you are probably attending this year’s San Diego Comic Con at the end of the month. Due to my masochism, I’ll be aiding you in your panel and booth decisions.

First up are the award-winning twins from Brazil, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, who may not have a booth this year, but will be at a few panels:
Thursday, July 23rd: 6:00 -7:00 Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line? (Room 5AB)
Friday, July 24th: 5:30-6:30 Vertigo: View of the Future? (Room 5AB)
Friday, July 24th: 12:30-1:30pm Spotlight on Fabio Moon (Room 10)

Now go have some geeky, nerdish fun on my behalf.

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