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Thursday September 16, 2010 10:15 pm

Wynonna Earp Is Coming Back!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Reviews, IDW Publishing,

Wynonna EarpWhat do Bigfoot, Vampire Nation, Yeti, and Russian Immortals have in common? They’re all appearing with Wynonna Earp in Beau Smith’s upcoming original graphic novel, Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars illustrated by Enrique Villigran, and published by IDW.

All I can say is “about damn time.” You can quote me.

Wynonna Earp is, in case you haven’t guessed, related to ol’ Wyatt himself. She’s a US Covert Marshal, only instead of hunting bank robbers and “hoss thieves” like her famous relative, she’s after more dangerous, contemporary game: Paranormal lawbreakers. As Beau says, “There’s nothing normal about paranormal crime.”

In this all new graphic novel, debuting in December, Beau and Enrique are dropping Wynonna into the middle of a “paranormal range war” between Russian Immortals and the Vampire Nation. Beau clarifies, “There are four Bigfoot in this book as well as a tribe of Yeti, The Vampire Nation, A Consortium of Immortals and a Mad Scientist that likes to splice animal and human DNA. How’s that for a Monster kitchen sink?”

Beau, an old and dear friend of mine, promises “Guns, explosions, quirky characters and dialogue you’ll want to steal, all in the middle of an Alaskan snowstorm.”

I’ve always loved Wynonna, whose previous adventures have been published by Eclipse and Image, and collected by IDW. In addition to just being really good comics, I’ve always thought that in the right hands, she could be an excellent TV series. (Those “right hands” being any of the folks who make Burn Notice, The Good Guys, The Human Target, Justified, or the team of Sam Raimi/Robert Tapert.)

Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars. December 2010. From IDW. Keep checking their website for updates.

Beau, by the way, has another cool project, this one coming in January from Moonstone Books: the full color Captain Action Winter Special, illustrated by his longtime collaborator Eduardo Barreto. So look for that as well, amigos.

[Artwork: One of Enrique Villagran’s covers to Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars]



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