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Sunday June 12, 2011 1:17 am

Weekend Reading: Superman, Archie, Talbot, Niles & Scrooge

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, DC Comics,

Superman NewIs this a superhero-free weekend at the movies? X-Men First Class was last week, next week is Green Lantern. Are we mask-free for a few days?

No, because the powers in Hollywood have decided there can be no nerd gap in the relatively short summer season and have given us Super 8.

Go see it right now, and then come back and click some links:

Superman: If you’re at all interested in the new DC reboot coming up, legal eagle Jeff Trexler at Comics Beat has a fascinating post about the wrangling that’s gone on between the Superman creators and DC’s corporate parent over the years and how it’s affected publishing decisions.

Superman II: And Daniel Best at 20th Century Danny Boy unearths a great selection of early correspondence between various DC Comics people and Jerry Siegel. It’s great reading.

Superman III: Comedy writer Ken Levine (M*A*S*H; Almost Perfect; Volunteers) weighs in on the new Superman.

Archie: One of the bloggers at Daily Kos takes note of Archie Comics' new “gays in the military” story.

War: Critic Bill Sherman looks at Titan Books’ collection of John Wagner’s WWII classic Darkie’s Mob. “A dark and rousingly violent series, Darkie’s Mob proves to be more psychologically ambiguous than you might expect from a mid-seventies British lad’s war comic.”

Sunderland: In the latest issue of Ansible, there’s a quote from Bryan Talbot about one attempt to adapt his graphic novel, Alice In Sunderland, to television. (Scroll down a bit to the “Outraged Letters” section.)

Selleck: Wanna see a bit of Tom Selleck’s screen test for Raiders Of The Lost Ark? I know you do. Site may be NSFW.

Niles: Creator Steve Niles weighs in on the new DC reboot with a Call To Arms.

Clerks: Movie writer-director Kevin Smith has a reality show in production that’s set in his comic book store.

Quack: He’s a few years late to the party, but Mystery writer Bill Crider enjoys The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa. “It made me feel a little like a kid again, waiting at the door for the postman to show up with the latest issue of Walt Disney's Comics & Stories.”

Lucas: Star Wars writer John Jackson Miller is podcasted at Fictional Frontiers talking about Star Wars: Knight Errant, Deluge and other fun stuff.

Mandrake: Ricky Sprague at Project Child Murdering Robot takes a look at a Mandrake story by Lee Falk and Phil Davis that has a great out-of-context panel that’s required reading, if only for the phrase: “#####-visaged.”

Sergeant: Anthony Schiavino makes his pulpy comic Sergeant Zero available for free-reading. I liked this a lot and the art by Simone Gugliemini is top notch. Here’s Anthony’s pitch: “Back from the War, Joe Sinclair struggles to survive in the bowels of Century City coping with near-superhuman memories he doesn’t remember living. Is he losing his mind or is he something more? Forged from a past now lost, his memory used for an inner fire, Sergeant Zero is a soldier few remember and most have forgotten…including himself.” Hooked yet?

And finally, at Hero Complex, Star Trek writer/director Nicholas Meyer talks about a bad meeting he had with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Now use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Action Comics #1, cover by Rags Morales, © DC Comics; yanked from Comic Book Resources]



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