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Monday July 30, 2012 12:33 pm

Weekend Reading: Olympics, Dark Knight, Ellis and Watchmen

Dark Knight RisesI know we're all very busy watching this running, jumping, swimming thing from London, but fortunately there's still time to see the gold, silver and bronze of the internets.

Warren Ellis’ tweets on the Olympics opening ceremony can’t be beat.

Award-winning novelist John Scalzi (Redshirts) blogs about his first experience at Comic Con International.

Now that Valiant’s back, you know who else is returning? A new incarnation of First Comics.

Bleeding Cool reports on a “lost” Alan Moore project seeing the light of day through Avatar.

Allan Linder at Prisoner Of The Mind is in the middle of a multi-part series called “Make Your Own Graphic Novel.” He’s up to part 4.

Rod Lott at Flick Attack revisits the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and comes out unimpressed. “As a comedy, TMNT is a failure; as action, it’s okay.”

Is The Dark Knight Rises a conservative movie? Lawyers, Guns and Money says “No way.”

From back when the Dark Knight wasn’t so dark.

Bill Finger almost got a credit on the Tim Burton Batman movie, and might’ve, had he not gotten divorced before he died.

The writer Lance Mannion is posting a series of thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises. He’s up to #4.

TV writer-producer Ken Levine went to see The Dark Knight Rises and liked Anne Hathaway.

And Longbox Graveyard looks at Batman, the Grey Knight, and Doug Moench’s run on the character in the 1980s.

Nicolas Cage is a great actor with a lot of comic book connections. Buzzfeed proves it.

Atrios finally watches the Watchmen movie.

Clifford Meth appreciated Don Heck. We all should.

And finally, letterer Todd Klein takes a look at DC’s lettering legend Ira Schnapp via Neal Adams. Who knew Schnapp “lettered” some of New York’s finest buildings?

Now go forth and enjoy your internets responsibly!

[Photo: The Dark Knight]



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