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Friday November 19, 2010 8:50 pm

Weekend Reading: Bill Finger, Mighty Samson, The Shadow & Valerian

Mighty SamsonThank you internets, you’ve been great this week. So let’s share that bounty with others:

Mighty Samson: Writer J.C. Vaughn has a preview of Mighty Samson #1 at his blog. Shooter’s involved, Patrick Olliffe is the artist. Dark Horse is the publisher. I’m in!

Here’s a little more about the series at Comic Attack.

Shadow: Novelist James Reasoner has a Forgotten Book that’s a must have for fans of Maxwell Grant’s The Shadow: Gangland's Doom: The Shadow of the Pulps, by Frank Eisgruber Jr.

British Comics: Matthew Murray at Comics Beat goes all out for the new Dandy and breaks down its contents.

Peanuts: Zach Weiner finally lets Charlie Brown kick that football.

Peppers: Mark Evanier lives the sitcom life.

3-D: Ricky Sprague at Project Child Murdering Robot tells how Marvel Comics (in 3-D!) turned him into an atheist. Bonus: 3-D artwork on the internets!

Doppleganger: Tom Neely “took the idea of identical Popeyes battling each other from an old issue of his comic and turned it into a visceral examination of the ways in which our own id can lead to self-negating behavior.” That's from a review of one of Neely's mini-comics, Doppleganger #1. Once you read about it, you'll want a copy.

Holiday Gifts: As he has done in the past, John Scalzi will autograph his books for you or someone you love, and he’s found a way to do it that doesn’t require him to stand in line at the Post Office but does help out a local independent bookseller. If you were an author with an in-demand signature, you might consider something similar.

And continuing in a Scalzi-vein, the author is hosting a pimp thread at his blog where his audience recommends stuff they like - even if it’s their own stuff. You can find a lot of interesting books/comics/games/websites listed here.

Art: I found this interesting. Over at The Big Picture, Marion Maneker takes a look at the market for all those multi-million dollar paintings, “the $63 million Warhol, the $69 million Modigliani and the $43 million Roy Lichtenstein” and lays out how it works. With original comic book art selling for much, much less - but still getting decent prices for the must-have pieces - you might find it interesting as well.

Bill Finger #1: Did you know that Batman's co-creator co-wrote a Japanese monster movie? Forces of Geek has a review.

Bill Finger #2: Mark Tyler Nobleman wrote an acclaimed children’s book on Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s creation of Superman. He’s got one coming up on Bill Finger and he’s been posting some historical bits on Batman’s co-creator over at his blog. It’s time for you to get over there; you’re in for a treat!

Horror: Rod Lott at Bookgasm offers up a preview of the print version of the horror anthology EEK!

Sci-Fi: And also at Bookgasm, JT Lindroos has a look at the very first Valerian graphic album. "The City of Shifting Waters by Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin is not the greatest science-fiction comic book ever. But it is the beginning of what is one of the most influential, entertaining and long-lasting sci-fi comic books. Ever.”

Cartoons: Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew has four new animation-based books that should be on your holiday gift list.

Inspiration: A couple of old friends of mine talk about how their childhoods shaped their adulthoods and their chosen careers (they currently work on G.I. Joe Renegades).

Superman: Deadline Hollywood Daily reports on the hunt for the new actor to play Superman for Zack Snyder. The comments section makes it all worthwhile!

Sing: Jaime Weinman takes a look at staging songs in animated cartoons. “I was looking at "Gay Purr-ee" again the other day, a movie that is less than the sum of its parts but will always have a following because the parts are so interesting (Judy Garland fans, Harold Arlen fans, Chuck Jones fans, and UPA fans can all find something of value in it even though it's none of those people's best work).”

And finally, I like interviews with writers. And here’s a really nice one by Roger Ebert interviewing one of my favorite old-school writers, John D. MacDonald, creator of Travis McGee.
[Link: The Rap Sheet]

Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Cover to Mighty Samson #1]



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