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Thursday September 10, 2009 12:19 pm

Warner Restructures DC

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: DC Comics,

DC Entertainment

In the wake of the $4 billion purchase of their nemesis, Warner Bros. has decided to restructure its own comic book branch.

“This is the structural iteration of what we have been trying to accomplish for a long time. We think it is important for Warner Bros. to exercise appropriate control over these properties, because they are highly valued assets of our company,” said Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer.

Diane Nelson, brand manager of the Harry Potter franchise, will be in charge of restructuring the now-named DC Entertainment unit.

Most DC comics fans are surprised at this new surge of energy for the company. Considering characters like Wonder Woman, the Justice League, and the Flash have been cooped up in who-knows-where, it’s amazing to think that Warner Bros. has had DC for forty years.

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“It almost appears as if Warner Bros. were just buying DC now and deciding what to do with it. This move is going to be great for Warner because it firmly puts the characters in control of the people who make movies and television,” said Gareb Shamus, chief executive of Wizard Entertainment.

What’s scary is that DC is now in the hands of Nelson, an openly non-comic book fan: “DC has been a publishing company, but I think it has the potential to do more. I come into this not as a comic-book fan per se but someone who knows Warner Bros. and how to bring value to the DC properties.”

Yikes. Let’s hope that they know what they’re doing; desperation leads to nothing good.



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