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Wednesday December 3, 2008 11:41 pm

The Flash movie: What I would like to see

Posted by David Torres Categories: Editorials, Movies, DC Comics,


A Flash film is scheduled to be released in 2010.  According to IMDB, the director of “Shanghai Knights” and “Fred Claus” is set to direct.  Exciting!  Who knows, maybe he’ll do a good job.  No actors are currently attached to the film.

Although casting is crucial, I’m more concerned right now about the script.  The current writer attached to the film is Chris Brancato.  His resume doesn’t make me jump for joy either.

Here is what I would like to see.

I would like to see the first three Flashes incorporated into the script - no offense to Bart Allen.  I think the film should open in World War II with the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. Something happens to Jay that causes him to disappear into the Speed Force.

We fast forward to the present and we meet Barry Allen. Like the comics, Barry is a police scientist for Central City and is currently dating Iris West who is the legal guardian of her nephew Wally West.

I would love to see Professor Zoom, but I would hold that off until the second film. Instead I would have the antagonist of the film be The Rogues. To save time, with a origin story for all of these characters (I would have three to five Rogues in the film), I would already have them operating in Central City as super-villains who are a major headache for the police of Central City.

Barry is frustrated by the Rogues and looks to find a way to fight back. He decides to use his skills as a chemist to try and create a formula that will allow him to gain the super powers of his hero the Flash. His efforts are fruitless and just as he is about to give up, the Speed Force in the form of lightning strikes the chemicals in his lab. He thinks it’s this accident that caused him to gain the powers, but in fact it’s the Speed Force. Maybe have Wally in the room and tease that he too has gained speed abilities, but have him become Kid Flash in the second film.

I would have the Rogues be more like mobsters plotting to take over Central City to add more tension and drama to the film.

I would have Barry struggle with his abilities as the Flash.  Maybe have him get defeated and just when he’s at his lowest, the original Flash returns from the Speed Force.  They team up and defeat the Rogues together. 

This is just something off the top of my head.  This would be an ideal fanboy version, but a Hollywood script would probably limit the film to one Flash for a general audience so as not to confuse things.

I love the Flash and the history of the characters who have been the Flash.  If your a Flash fan, you might want to check out this site.  It’s about everything Flash.  It’s great!



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