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Tuesday December 22, 2009 12:29 am

Marvel Comics Review: Captain America: Reborn #5

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Marvel Comics,

Reborn#5 Rating: *** 1/2*

A great recovery executed to this story by writer Ed Brubaker. I was starting to get a bit bored with it. Although you know how this story is going to end, I still enjoyed this issue. Besides knowing how this story will end, the only other drawback for me was the artwork by Bryan Hitch. I think Hitch is a great artist, but I felt his work seemed rushed here. From what I understand, he’s not a fast artist. so maybe he was rushing to try and get this book out as soon as possible.

I was a bit confused by what was happening as this issue opened with Steve Rogers in a world where the Nazi’s have taken over America. At first I thought he was transported to an alternate universe where the Nazi’s won World War II, but I soon realized that his essence is stuck within his body in some weird world that has been created by the Red Skull as the Skull’s essence has taken over Steve’s body. Thank God because had this been an alternate universe I thought it would have been too cheesy to have a Nazi America where instead of Uncle Sam, you have Uncle Skull.

So Steve is trapped in his own body as the Skull plans to reintroduce himself to the world as the true Captain America back from the dead. Sharon Carter is held prisoner by the Skull as she begs for Steve to fight back and take his body back from the Skull. The Avengers led by the current Captain America (Bucky) are on their way to try and get them.

The essence of both the Red Skull and Steve Rogers battle it out within Steve’s body as they watch the events of the outside world take place on video screens. In a dramatic and climatic moment, the two Captain Americas battle it out on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Bucky is able to get the upper hand as he’s able to get his gun and he has it pointed at the Red Skull. Steve yells to shoot even though it would mean that he would die along with the Skull, but Bucky backs down. The Skull sees his opening and cuts off Bucky’s electronic hand that has the gun and is about to use the shield to cave in his head when we end there.

This is a pretty telling moment as Steve seeing the situation he is in asks Bucky to kill the Red Skull. That’s interesting to me because we all know that Captain America is not a hero who kills, but here he is yelling at his partner to take the shot. Does that mean that Marvel Comics and Ed Brubaker are finally realizing that Captain America is a soldier and that soldiers kill people? Will Steve Rogers become a killer? I doubt it. I think this is a special situation and that if there is one person Steve Rogers would kill or allowed to be killed, it’s the Red Skull.

The Red Skull’s daughter Sin makes an appearance in this issue as well. Brubaker does a good job of painting her as a true psychopath just like her father. We know Steve returns after this series ends in the next issue, but I’m curious to see what happens to the Red Skull. If he dies, it’s certain Marvel will have him return. If he doesn’t die, where does he go or how does he end up?

I mentioned in a previous post that in the February solicitations we see both Bucky and Steve wearing their respective Cap uniforms. I don’t see Marvel having two Caps running around forever, but we may see that for a short period. Marvel may find it interesting to have two Caps in the Marvel Universe, but it will not be something they stick with for long. But what identity does Bucky take on? Does he begin to wear a copy of his old WW II costume and fight by Steve’s side? I don’t think he should take on the identity of the Winter Soldier. That was the identity given to him by the Soviets. He’s a good guy now. Does he stay by Steve’s side or like Nightwing step away from his mentor and goes out to fight crime on his own?

This has been a good series, but I’m looking forward to the end with Steve back and seeing where Brubaker takes him from here. I highly recommend this issue for Cap fans.



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