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Thursday April 16, 2009 3:55 pm

LOST Review 4/15/09

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In the past few reviews I’ve posted, I’ve failed to mention something: LOST ROCKS!!! I know. I know you all know this, but it has to be said every so often. Tonight’s episode was great. We had answers to questions, more mysteries, and Star Wars. What more do you want? This week’s episode is entitled “Some Like it Hoth”. An obvious reference to Star Wars. As this week’s episode progressed, I said to myself where is the Star Wars connection?  When it was finally revealed, I burst out laughing. I tip my hat to the writers of this week’s episode. However, I do have to disagree with Hurley on the Ewoks; they do not suck. Now Jar-Jar Binks? He sucks! Big time! Although the Ewoks were never my all time favorite, I never had the hatred that some people feel for the Ewoks. They were comic relief similar to C-3PO and R2. What does this all have to do with “LOST”? I’ll mention that later. The episode “Some Like it Hoth” was an episode that was Miles centric and it revealed more about his past. Lets begin.


The episode opens with an Asian woman looking to rent an apartment. The woman is Miles’ mother Lara and we see a young Miles about age eight. Miles’ mother mentions to the landlord of the complex that Miles’ father is not in the picture. Miles leaves Lara to go to the vending machine when someone calls out to him behind a closed door. Behind the door is a man lying dead on the ground. Miles can “hear” him and knows things about the man. This seems to be the first time he experiences his power to “talk” to dead people.

Sawyer and Kate are leaving the jungle and contact Miles to tell him to erase the tape that shows them leaving the outer perimeter. Before he can do this, Horace tells Miles to take a package to Radzinsky. The package is a body bag and Miles has to return Radzinsky’s package to Horace. This package is a dead body. Miles isn’t told who or what happened to the dead man, but since he can talk to dead people, he finds out. The man died when his filling became unlodged in his mouth and shot through his head. How did this happen? More later.

Miles has to take the body to Dr. Pierre Chang at the Orchid station. Unfortunately Hurley decides to travel along with Miles as he has to go there as well to deliver food. Hurley soon finds out about the dead body. Dr Chang is not the most pleasant man and Hurley makes reference to that to Miles. Miles replies that Dr. Chang is his father! Now many of us have already made that assumption. At the beginning of Season 5, we saw Dr. Chang with his new born baby. Also, when we noticed in last week’s preview that these two characters were going to be interacting, it wasn’t that hard to put two and two together. Also, on the island is Miles’ mother Lara. So the question is how and when did she get off the island? From the flashbacks, Lara has no love for her husband Pierre and tells Miles that he left her when Miles was a baby and that Pierre is now dead. Is this a cover? Maybe Lara escaped when the Others attacked the Dharma people during the purge?

Later in the episode we see a flashback just prior to when Widmore sent the freighter to the island. We have Naomi again here in the flashback recruiting Miles for the voyage. I’m assuming Widmore knows Miles’ connection to the island, but how is it that he was able to discover Miles’ power to speak to the dead remains a mystery. Maybe Widmore is so obsessed with the island, he tries to keep tabs on everything and anything that pertains to it. Also, is it coincidence that out of all of the freighter people who join the LOST group (Daniel, Charlotte and Miles) all of these people were born all born on the island? I know no proof has been made on Daniel, but since his mother is Elouise, we can assume he may have been born on the island.

Miles only agrees to go on the freighter because Naomi promises him that Widmore will pay him 1.6 million dollars. Which reminded me of when Miles first met Ben when he asked him for money to forget that he found him. I believe the amount was double than 1.6. Why 1.6 million? That seems like an odd number. Why not an even 2 million? Anyway the next scene shows Miles getting some fast food when he is kidnapped by some men in a van. The lead guy is a man who was on Flight 316 by the name of Bram. Bram asks Miles if he knows “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” This is the same line Ilana said to Frank in last week’s episode. Who are Illana and Bram? Are they with Widmore? Ben? Or is this a new group of people who we are unfamiliar with.

Back on the island, Hurley is trying to encourage Miles to use this second chance to get to know his father. Miles refuses and it is here that the Star Wars connection is made. For the whole episode, Hurley has been writing stuff in a notebook. Miles is frustrated by Hurley persistence for him to talk with his Dad that he takes the book. It seems Hurley is rewriting the screenplay to “Empire Strikes Back”. Since it’s 1977, “Star Wars” has just hit the theaters and Hurley sees this as his chance to get to George Lucas his script for Empire and cash in. Hurley also uses Star Wars as a model of forgiveness for Miles and his Dad. He states that Luke Skywalker was able to forgive and move on with his father Darth Vader, maybe Miles can do the same.

Miles thinks about this as he sees through a window his father reading a book and playing with him as a baby. Did Lara lie to Miles about his father? It seems that Pierre Chang did care for and loved Miles. Why would he leave his family? Pierre gets a phone call and leaves his house where he meets up with the adult Miles. He asks him to accompany him to the dock to meet up with a group of new scientists. The group begins to exit the sub and the last man off the sub is none other than Daniel Faraday! And we end there.

Where has Daniel been all this time? Is this the first time Miles is seeing him since they all got stuck in the past? What is he doing with these scientists?

Also in this episode, Phil, one of the Dharma people knows Sawyer went to see the Others and is looking to bribe him to keep quiet. Sawyer responds by knocking Phil out and telling Juliet to get some rope to tie Phil up.  As for the guy who died when his filling came lose, it happened because he was one of the men working on the Hatch that caused the Oceanic Flight crash.  We know that this hatch was electromagnetic underneath so that’s why the guy’s filling came lose.

Next week is a clip show.  So we have to wait two weeks for the 100 episode which I’m sure will be a biggie.  The episode is entitled “The Variable” and will focus on Daniel Faraday.  I guess we’ll find out where he’s been all this time.  I know I’ve read someone is supposed to die soon.  Maybe it’s in this episode.  It’s supposed to a significant character.  I think we can forget it being Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, and Locke.  Right now these characters are pretty much untouchable.  Still maybe one of these or more than one will meet their end next year in the final season.

This has been a great season - maybe the best since the first one.  I can’t even imagine what will happen in the season finale.  See you in two weeks!



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