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Tuesday September 8, 2009 2:48 pm

Kirkman Talks Image United

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Interviews, Image Comics,

Image United

Image United is due out in a mere two months, and series writer (and Image partner) Robert Kirkman made no hesitations when opening up about the upcoming limited issues.

First and foremost, in any crossover series, the initial question is whether or not everyone is really going to appear in the epic collision. Kirkman assured fans that we will be seeing the whole Image gang—furthermore, brought to the pages by the very hands that perfected them:

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“All of the characters are involved. Everyone from Bloodstrike to Blacklight, Spawn to Cyberforce, they’re all here… everyone’s characters are appearing. This isn’t just a story where six characters get together to fight the main bad guy—this is a world-spanning epic. It’s a giant mega-crossover that will be something old-school Image fans can enjoy but also something for someone who has never even read an Image book who wants to find out what all the fuss is about… This is a group of characters, all with individual fan-bases, all drawn by the creator who draws them the best. Todd McFarlane draws the best Spawn, Rob Liefeld draws the best Youngblood, Erik Larsen draws the best Dragon, Marc Silvestri draws the best Cyberforce, Whilce Portacio draws the best Fortress, and Jim Valentino draws the best ShadowHawk. You can’t get this anywhere else. You can’t have the best artists associated with Marvel Characters draw each individual character in a series—most of those creators have moved on. Image United is a completely unique come-reading experience. Nobody is going to want to miss this.”

Kirkman also opened up about the challenges he faced when working on the project.

“This project has been INSANE. It’s been a difficult undertaking for pretty much everyone involved. Pages are drawn in pieces with guys leaving big blank spaces for the next guy to fill in. Pages are being shipped all over the country and all times. It’s been kind of a sight to behold seeing it all come together.”

Check out the series when it hits your comic book store shelf in November.



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