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Saturday January 31, 2009 1:07 pm

Is Lex the Bad Guy?

Posted by Joel Rosenberg Categories: Television, DC Comics,

Lex Luthor

Someone has to stand up for Lex Luthor in Smallville and it might as well be me. I believe that the only honest person on the show is Lex and here is why.

We have to assume that the real fans of the show have watched every episode. It would be very easy to say that Lex is a power-mad psychopath who is only interested in accumulating power for himself. Crazy maybe, but crazy like a fox, I say. See, Lexie has a motive that is pure. He believes that there are aliens out here and they do not have the best intentions towards our planet. And guess what? He is right.
Lex has had exposure to aliens and they all seem to want to conquer Earth. From Brainiac to Maxima to Zod, all these guys have bad intentions towards Earth and its people. He wants to create a super-powered army to oppose them. All his efforts have been to accelerate this goal. Sure, he wants to be the top banana, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone else that recognizes the threat and taking measures to counteract it. It is his money and intellect that propels every project to create this earth defense force. Even paranoids have enemies.
Let’s face it, everyone on the show is lying in one way or another. Sure, they are mostly lying to help Clark. But Clark was Lex’s BFF and his secret is not that he has super powers like every one else in Smallville exposed to meteor rocks, but that he is an actual alien. Imagine how life would have changed if Clark told his BFF the truth early in the relationship. Now Lex knows for sure there are good aliens as well as bad ones and they could work together to defend Earth. And another thing. Jor-El, from Krypton, sent John Jones, from Mars to help protect his son from, TADA, bad aliens who would do harm to earth. So I guess Lex isn’t so bad, afterall. Even though he threw his father through a window all the way to the Hero’s Universe to track down people with super powers.

Ironic huh ?



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