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Tuesday December 7, 2010 3:05 pm

Glee Spoilers: The Future of Finnchel

We’ve got the latest Glee spoilers, and just in time for the upcoming holiday episode.

Fans were shocked last week when Finn and Rachel (played by Cory Moneith and Lea Michele, respectively) called it quiets, and many are looking for signs of hope that the split isn’t permanent. Keep reading to find out what we know…

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The cast and crew of Glee are staying pretty tight-lipped with their spoilers, but E! did manage to sneak one juicy detail out of Harry Shum, Jr., who plays Mike Chang. He said of the Finn and Rachel breakup that “at least we’ll get some Puckleberry.” Ooooh, will we? Finnchel who?

According to more spoilers, Rachel and Finn will remain on the outs through the Christmas episode (bummer). Lea Michele will be singing “Merry Christmas, Darling” and “Last Christmas,” which seems to sum up her heartbreak pretty well.

Some fans feel a little blindsided by the writers of Glee. Ryan Murphy said early in the season that Finn and Rachel would stay together through Season 2 ... but that has not proven true. However, we’re hearing it’s because the plans changed during production.



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