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Monday October 6, 2008 11:39 am

Videos: 2008 Presidential Debates

Thanks to the wonders of the Internets, even those who weren’t able to catch the debates when they aired live (as well as those who don’t own s) can still catch up on what exactly was said, without having to listen to the opinions of pundits and those in the media who may try to spin things.

We’ve got both of the dates that have happened thus far here for you. Above, the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, originally from October 2. After the break we’ve got the first Presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. That one took place on September 26 from the University of Mississippi in Oxford.


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I'm with you on that one... ;)

I'm with you in that you should vote for who or what you believe in. I also think the PEOPLE NEED TO REGISTER so that they can VOTE! Voter registration or Absentee ballads can be picked up at your county offices. Most colleges have voter registration cards available to students. :-)

Thanks Andru. Gotta tell ya I'm really on the fence with this election. Kinda wish Ron Paul was still in the running. Anyway, everyone that can, go vote in this election. Otherwise don't complain later as you had your chance to express yourself at the polling booth. (i.e. One vote, endless right to complain afterwords. No vote, quit yer whining)

Hey, I may still vote for Ron Paul as a write in. Seriously considering it. I believe in voting for who you think would do the best job, as opposed to the lesser of two evils.

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