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Friday October 10, 2008 8:37 pm

Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin

Posted by Cynthia Guenthner Categories: Elections, Humor,

Sarah Palin

When John McCain chose Sarah Palin for his VP running mate, we conservatives cheered, “Fight fire with fire!” Little did we expect the left would show their true sexist colors and attack her as vehemently as they have. After all, doesn’t the left ostensibly cater to women? But Palin just doesn’t fit their stereotypes, and I’m offering 10 of the many reasons why they so detest her…

  1. She’s a conservative woman with a successful career. Now how rare is that? (Or so say the mainstream media.)
  2. She’s a conservative hockey mom. Wasn’t this the demographic group who played a major role in electing Bill Clinton?
  3. She’s a brilliant conservative woman. Liberal elites believe you must espouse their philosophy to be considered “smart.”
  4. She’s an attractive conservative woman, who despite her age of forty-four, looks young enough to be Hillary Clinton’s daughter.
  5. She was the mayor of a small town. Urban liberals have always looked down on us rural, small-town “hicks.”
  6. She’s a woman who’s a member of the NRA and actually HUNTS. Not one of those tree-hugging flower children.
  7. She describes herself as a “Bible-believing” Christian. Remember, liberals are tolerant of all beliefs, except the conservative Christians’.
  8. She loves sports and was a standout basketball player in high school. LIberal academics despise competitive sports. Competition symbolizes capitalism. And on the subject of sports, Palin has even held the job of TV sportscaster. Sounds like another famous former sportscaster, who ultimately became president. (And was, by the way, also a governor of a Western state and is Palin’s idol.) You guessed it - Ronald Reagan.
  9. She speaks with (according to the mainstream media) an “unusual” accent, resembling a “Midwestern” or even a “Wisconsin” accent. Dang it, no wonder her accent “don’t” sound unusual to this Wisconsin native. Guess the elitists’ standard of U.S. English is set by Barbara Wa-Wa.
  10. Her hairdo actually looks feminine. Contrast that with the Democratic feminists’ 1984 VP candidate, who to this day looks like she just stepped out of Barney’s barber shop.



Your final comments prove my point #7. Liberals claim they are so “tolerant”, yet when it comes to conservative Christians, the left shows no tolerance whatsoever. It’s getting to that time of year when Christians fear they might lose their jobs if they even utter “Merry Christmas” to customers or clients, instead of saying the generic “Happy Holidays.” Hate is a mighty strong word—that’s why I used it, and it’s apparent that’s why you used it as well. It signifies a narrow-mindedness that the left denies they have. And also, you might believe in “separation of church and state”, but nowhere is that phrase in the Constitution. And can you, yourself, explain the one “Bush Doctrine”?  Seems to me throughout his administration that phrase has had more than one meaning. And what makes you think that the chances of McCain dying in office are more than any other President? Remember, Kennedy was forty-six.

Sarah Palin is “dangerously inept”? Any leader’s policies are built to some degree on their values. I would far more fear a leader whose policies are built on secular humanism. Just look at China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba.


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