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Tuesday December 9, 2008 9:29 pm

Who knew Abortion and Christmas fit together so nicely?

Christmas Tree

As the holiday season reaches a climactic dud, I thought - “What would be a couple of ideal gifts to give that ‘special’ liberal in your life?”  A sudden wave of cheer and warmth shuddered throughout my body and the first gift can be given to anyone, not just to those pesky elitist friends of yours. No worry about the recession as this gift is free of charge. I know this might seem like a radical thought and a bit passé, but wish them a “Merry Christmas.” Being from New York and saying Merry Christmas is like having HIV of the face. You get glares, threats and disgust. As the attacks on Christmas reach its fifth year of steady George Soros-backed attacks, I’m asking fellow Christmasians to stay strong and continue your Christmas cheer.

Since this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and traditions, it’s unfathomable to me that it’s getting flushed down the toilet by the same group of people that voted for B. Hussein Obama. In the New York City school system under current city policy, Jewish menorahs are allowed to be displayed for Hanukkah and the Islamic star and crescent can be shown during Ramadan, yet the nativity scene is not allowed to be shown during Christmas. Huh? Christmas is a federal holiday signed in law by President U.S. Grant and it celebrates Jesus and Christianity and this is just one instance that must be addressed as we fight America’s culture war. 

The second gift is slightly more, but it won’t break the bank. For only $25.00 or $100.00, you can buy that special lady in your life - be it your daughter, sister, niece or mother (if she’s young enough) - a gift certificate from Planned Parenthood of any abortion of your choice. First Trimester all the way up to Late Term it’s all up to you. What a great stocking stuffer!

I want to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for wishing me a safe and Merry Christmas.  I wish you a Merry Christmas as well!

A few thoughts on your piece here.

You wrote, “I know this might seem like a radical thought and a bit passé, but wish them a “Merry Christmas.” Being from New York and saying Merry Christmas is like having HIV of the face. You get glares, threats and disgust.”

First: I don’t think saying Merry Christmas to others is either radical nor is it passe.  I think it’s something people do quite a lot during this part of the year—just watch an hour of television and you can’t miss it!  And if you wait until December 25, I have found that, even in NYC, many people will wish you a Merry Christmas.  I have even wished others a Merry Christmas on December 25, which is the day on which Christmas is typically celebrated.

Second:  I think you may feel like you have “HIV of the face” because you are starting your Merry Christmas greetings way too early.  If you tell a New Yorker “Merry Christmas” today, December 10, then they will probably wonder why you are saying it now.  One of my friends was born on December 26, which is cool because it is Boxing Day, but if I told him Happy Birthday today, I think he would give me a funny look or say, “It’s not my birthday, yet.”  I would suggest telling New Yorkers “Merry Christmas” on December 25; perhaps they won’t be so angry and confused!

Third:  What is it “like having HIV of the face”?  I am unfamiliar with this particular type of HIV (infection?), so I can’t engage with the simile.  Please be descriptive!

Fourth: Sure, a person can “get” glares and threats, but can one really “get” disgust?  One can express disgust towards someone else, or someone can be disgusted with you, but I think “get” might not be the best verb here.

Then, I had a question about a fact you cited—Soros’ five year attack on Christmas. What did Soros do exactly to start these attacks?  A reference would be great!

Also, you mention Christmasians.  Is this a sect of Christianity or just Asian Christians or neither?  Again, a reference to the intended meaning would clarify.

You noted the NYC School District ban on nativity scenes, but again, a reference would be helpful. With minimal work, I found the following article detailing the Supreme Court’s decision to not rule on Skoros v. City of New York:


Pretty interesting article, huh?  Ironically, while you note that Christmas is, indeed, a federal holiday, it was the Federal US Supreme Court that made the final ruling (or non-ruling, as it was).  I know you probably want to see New Yorkers as the cause for this miscarriage of justice, but our Federal judges surely share some of the blame!  I wonder how they would react if you wished them a Merry Christmas?  I guess they would look at you like you had HIV of the face.

Speaking of miscarriages (!), even the Fox News version of your piece provided a full array of facts about the services of Planned Parenthood, here:


You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but perhaps you could provide your readers with a more complete understanding of the issue you are discussing.  It’s pretty simple to say you are against abortion (who isn’t!?), but are you also against sexual education, pregnancy tests, birth control, and annual checkups?  I know I, for one, would be interested to know!

Otherwise, bang up job.

More succinctly put:

“Complaints about the corruption, dilution or fundamental impiety of Christmas have been made for centuries. The Puritans so mistrusted the holiday that its celebration was outlawed in 17th-century Boston. Around the same time, the German theologian Paul Ernst Jablonski asserted that Christmas amounted to a paganization of the authentic faith because the date, Dec. 25, had been appropriated from a festival for a Roman solar god.”



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