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Monday October 27, 2008 7:53 pm

Wealth Distribution = Socialism

Socialism, since it’s birth, has been centered around the idea of more government control and distribution of wealth, or “spreading the wealth around,” as Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama likes to say. What I like to say is, you can put lipstick on socialism, but it’s still socialism.

How do people believe his campaign’s spin on Obama’s own words that he wants to “spread the wealth?” I can’t believe that with only eight days left until the election, this 2001 Barack Obama interview is only now starting to make it’s way around the internet and other outlets.(not the mainstream media…of course).

Read More | The Wall Street Journal

At 2:35 in this now famous interview, Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Biden said of Obama, “he is NOT spreading wealth around.”

That’s an outright lie. As you’ll see in the video below, Obama, in his own words says it’s good to spread the wealth around. That is wealth distribution, and there’s no way of spinning it.

As I noted in one of my last blogs, Obama’s tax plan is a form of Socialism, and will further hurt the economy.  There’s a great article from the The Wall Street Journal that shows how Obama is going to raise just about every tax rate, even during one of the most hard economic times this country has seen. This is very dangerous, and I don’t think a majority of Obama supporters knows this. What’s going to happen when he is president, and all of this “Hope” and “Change” hysteria dies down, and people begin to see that their hard earned money is being taxed at a greater percentage. All they hear is “the failed policies of the last eight years,” or, “change,” and figure any change has to be better than what we have now. That will not be the case.

Now, as far as more government control, Barack Obama is going to take more money from people earning over 250k a year, and “spread it” to people making less. Keep in mind that 40% of this country’s income earners PAY NO INCOME TAX. That means there will be a cap put on success. If that’s not more government control, or Socialism, then explain to me what it is. Don’t tell me “fairness,” because that’s what Socialism is spun as. This country, for the past 240 years, was based on Capitalism. That’s the reason why this country was so unique, and way more successful than any other in the history of man. If there were accountability, and no crooks in our government, the capitalist system would work just fine.



I don’t know how anyone can deny Obama’ economic plan is socialism. To paraphrase Hank Jr., if my kid gets an A in class and the other kids get C-, why should my kid get a C- also just to distribute the grades evenly? He earned an A; the others didn’t.


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