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Thursday May 7, 2009 12:02 am

Senator Stormy - Pornstar To Possibly Run For Senate

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Look out old boobs in the Senate, there might be a new pair, err, new senator coming your way!  Stormy Daniels of, well, Stormy Daniels pornography fame is thinking about running for a Senate seat in 2010 representing her home state of Louisiana, going up against Republican senator, David Vitter.  Unlike Vitter who had indiscretions of a sexual nature in private, but eventually made public, Daniels has been having sex for public consumption for several years now.  She is practically scandal-free!  Who couldn’t use that from a candidate?!?! 

All joking aside, Daniels did not even consider politics as a career choice until a group of fans decided to start a website named Draft Stormy and recruit her to run for the senate seat in 2010.  Currently, she doesn’t seem to have any real political agenda, but is going on listening tours (whatever that means) to hear what the men and women of Louisiana have to say.  Apparently, Daniels’ candidacy isn’t a sure-fire thing, but it also doesn’t seem to be a publicity stunt as Mary Carey’s running for the governor of California was several years ago.  Naturally, if you don’t live in the state of Louisiana, you can’t vote and can only watch… but that’s what you’ve been doing to Stormy Daniels anyway, right?

You can check her interview with CNN by clicking “Read More”.

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