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Wednesday October 15, 2008 8:44 am

Obama And ACORN

Posted by Sal Traina Categories: Editorials, Elections,

Barack Obama

On ACORN’s website, they describe the organization as ACORN as

the nation’s largest grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people with over 400,000 member families organized into more than 1,200 neighborhood chapters in 110 cities across the country.  Since 1970, ACORN has been building community organizations that are committed to social and economic justice, and won victories on thousands of issues of concern to our members, through direct action, negotiation, legislative advocacy and voter participation.  ACORN helps those who have historically been locked out become powerful players in our democratic system.

ACORN is the place where Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama gets his community organizer title from. During his time with ACORN, Obama sat on the boards of two charitable foundations, the Woods Fund and the Joyce Foundation. Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers also sat on the Woods Foundation board with Obama. You can read more about some of the other work they did together in my last blog.

According to the New York Times, Obama’s memberships on those foundation boards, allowed him to help direct tens of millions of dollars in grants to various liberal organizations, including Chicago ACORN, whose endorsement Obama sought and won in his State Senate race.  ACORN maintains both political and non-partisan arms. Obama not only sought and received the endorsement of Acorn’s political arm in his local campaigns, he recently accepted Acorn’s endorsement for the presidency, in pursuit of which he reminded Acorn officials of his long-standing ties to the group.

ACORN forces governments and businesses, by threat of lawsuits and harassment, to support their agenda of obtaining the maximum services from government, coercing corporations to finance their projects, and forcing banks to approve high-risk loans. Additionally, ACORN works on voter registration issues and is suspected in mass voter fraud. Guess who ACORN hired to help this happen? Barack Obama. This presidential campaign, Obama gave ACORN 800,000 dollars for endorsing him. I thought they are “non-partisan.” 

There are many ongoing investigations of of the group for voter fraud. This year’s elections aren’t the first time ACORN has been charged with fraud. Here’s just a small list of some of the fraud ACORN committed since 1998. If you look at the map of states linked to ACORN fraud, you’ll notice they’re all swing states. Right now in Florida, 30,000 jailed felons are registered, and are voting. The right to vote is supposed to be taken away when you’re jailed. In Nevada, the entire Dallas Cowboys football team was found to be written in numerous times onto voter registrations by ACORN members.

Florida’s elections chief, Secretary of State Kurt Browning, acknowledged his staff has failed to remove thousands of ineligible felons from the voting rolls because of a shortage of workers and a crush of new registrations. Browning also said he was not surprised by the findings. “I’m kind of shocked that the number is as low as it is,” he said. ACORN is fighting for the prisoners right to vote.

Another thing this organization does, is help low-income families get housing. That’s what Obama helped ACORN do. ACORN has been suing banks and painting them out as racist if the didn’t give mortgages to people with low income. Many financial experts say this was a major contributing factor of our current housing crisis.

In my opinion, there are just way too many shady things going on this election season, and Barack Obama is somehow connected to all of it. Instead of looking into the ties Obama has with ACORN, or a domestic terrorist, the mainstream media (another thing that concerns me) and the rest of Obama’s supporters, will continue to be in denial, or somehow attempt to equivocate.



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