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Sunday October 12, 2008 8:54 pm

Joe Biden In Pennsylvania Today

Posted by Sal Traina Categories: Editorials, Elections,

Joe Biden

Last week on the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate John McCain focused on Democratic nominee, Barack Obama’s radical associations. The unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, slum-lord Tony Rezco, and controversial pastors, Jeremiah Wright and Father Flager, are just some of the names tied to Obama. Even though there is plenty of proof that back up McCain’s claims, the media has let them go unnoticed.

While campaigning in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania today, Democratic Vice presidential nominee Joe Biden said of McCain’s above comments, “every single false charge, every single baseless accusation is a simple attempt to get you to focus on something other than what’s affecting your family and your country.” Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, were also there to join Biden onstage.

When I read about this today, my first thought was, “Did the Democratic nominees think Penn the Pennsylvania primaries?”  On April 6th, during a fundraiser in California, Obama, who didn’t know he was being recorded, told a small crowd that Americans in Pennsylvania are “bitter, and they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment, as a way to explain their frustrations.”  I was also reminded of the mainstream media’s bias, and how they focus on McCain trying to figure out how many homes he and his wife own, rather than some really nasty comments made by Obama about everyday Americans. Don’t you think this all ties in well with Obama’s associations with some of the most radical, anti-American figures in this county?

I think it’s funny because Hillary Clinton, during her run for the Democratic presidential nomination, campaigned door-to-door in Scranton, reminding potential voters there of Obama’s elitist remarks. She also said that Obama is “out of touch” with Middle America. Now, Team Obama, along with the Clintons, are trying to tell folks in Pennsylvania that McCain is out of touch with Middle America.

Clinton won the Pennsylvania Primary by more than 10%, and experts say Obama’s comments were a contributing factor to his big loss to her. Political experts also say, “the candidate that wins Pennsylvania, wins the presidency.”

Personally, I believe the McCain campaign has to start going door-to-door in Scranton, reminding voters of Obama’s gaffe, and the very bitter battle between Clinton and Obama. I think while Biden is busy trying to get voters to focus on what’s affecting your family and your country, McCain should be focusing on what Obama really thinks about you and your country.



Really? If I were a Republican, I’d probably want McCain to talk more about the economy and what he’d do about it as President. I doubt that him trying to convince America that Obama’s got terrorist connections will get him very far in the polls. Obama would probably gain speech material and soundbites if McCain just focuses on Obama’s campaign rather than his own.

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I might feel better if McCain actually knew something about economics, Obama too for that matter,  If McCain had opposed the bailout from the get go I think the keys to the White House were his, since he didn’t he has to go this route.  He may be talking about the issues as well, but he has to go negative, and that’s all anyone (including the media) is going to focus on.

I also might feel better if, after 30 years in the Senate, Joe Biden actually knew what the constitutional role of the VP was.  At least Biden is good for a few humorous gaffes!

I don’t see any major difference between the two choices. Nothing of substance is going to change no matter which way the election goes.


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