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Saturday November 8, 2008 9:23 am

I Thought It Was Patriotic


All of these people telling me to support my President, and rally behind him is starting to agitate me. Yes. Barack Obama is my new President, and I will support him, and I do hope he’s successful, but, the same people telling me I should do so are the same people who say “it’s Patriotic to question, and disagree with your President.”

They are the same people who said, “George Bush is NOT my President.” I’ve heard this crap the past four years by Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Dick Durbin, Babara Boxer, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, and many others.


Now I’m starting to hear that we need to let go of our ideology, because change is here, and the only way to fix things is to support Barack Obama.

When he made that speech in Grant Park in Chicago, Obama said we have to let go of our partisan ways. In other words, it’s his way, and there’s no compromising.  First of all, 50 million people voted against the President elect. Ideology does matter. If the political process all of a sudden stopped being a place where we can exchange ideas and solutions, the government would lose its checks and balances, and become a dictatorship. Did anyone think of that?

I think this is what’s happening. The people who, for the past eight years,that didn’t like President Bush, now have someone to stand behind, and instead of just being happy with that, they feel empowered. They feel so empowered, that they think they are the President themselves, and try to tell me how to feel, what to think. Hopefully, those feelings will wear off, and they’ll snap back to reality….where have, and always will disagree with one another.

Obama supporters have been manipulated into believing that ideology all of a sudden, doesn’t matter. Don’t people realize it’s the biggest thing to look when deciding who to vote for? I guess not. Do I think Obama hates his country, and wants to destroy it? No. I do, however, feel that his beliefs, his past decisions, who he surrounds himself with, past speeches, and past elections he’s been in, all said enough for me not to vote for him. Just because he won, doesn’t erase all of that. You may feel that when Barack Obama was named the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election, a magic wand was waved, and he is now an empty slate. The only thing that is, and always has been empty, was his rhetoric.

You’re going to start to see that this “change,’ and “new age of politics,” is nothing more than the same politics. It’s already happening. For both Republicans and Democrats hoping for reconciliation between the parties, sorry. Barack Obama has chosen Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief Of Staff. He is one of politics biggest lunatics. You were all led to believe Republican John McCain had a temper, but McCain never stabbed a steak knife into a table to represent the killings of Democrats, and then brag about it. Emanuel is known as “the Vince Lombardi” of politics, for his only winning matters approach. You can’t change from being the country’s most liberal senator,even more liberal than socialist senator Bernie Sanders, to reaching across the isle. Who ever believed that crock is in for a rude awakening.

Also, Obama chose Michigan Governor to be on his economic staff, and she might become Treasury Secretary.  Have you seen Michigan’s statistics? Highests taxes, highest unemployment, high crime rate, and 2 million people have moved out. It has the same economic and tax plans that Obama wants to use for the rest of the country.

In a future post, I’ll show you how the Obama administration is going to start to silence their critics, further proving they are hypocrites. Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine is just one of the ways they’ll attempt to silence people who think. 

This is the “change” you believed in.




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