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Tuesday November 4, 2008 11:46 am

Coal Industry To Be Bankrupted

Posted by Sal Traina Categories: Editorials, US Economy,

It doesn’t matter that nearly 50% of our home electric comes from coal. The predicted winner of today’s Presidential Election, Democrat Barack Obama, wants to punish coal companies, and other industrial markets, with Cap and Trade. This will slow, or maybe even reverse economic progress in the United States. The predicted loser, Republican John McCain, also supports cap and trade, but not to the extent Obama does. Either way, cap and trade never worked.

This is a subject that really irritates me. This is more proof of Obama’s socialist plans, and more proof that McCain is not a conservative. Conservatives don’t believe in penalizing industry, and would rather see industry work without regulation successfully like it always has.

Cap and trade is supposed to help slow “man made climate change.” If climate change (once called Global Warming, until the main stream media, liberals, and paid-off scientists learned we’re in a period of Global Cooling, thus changing the title to keep uninformed people scared) really is man-made, cap and trade will slow it down, but not in a good way. When coal industries, and airlines, and power plants, and other factories begin to close up shop, because they can’t afford their cap and trade, or high taxes, the environment will clean up. That’s not a good thing, because thousands will lose jobs, no alternative energy to coal is even close to being created, and Obama is against nuclear energy.

Sounds smart to me…I can’t wait!

Speaking of smart, we all heard Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden flip flop on coal this summer. Listen to how he thinks coal and syrup are more of a threat than terrorism.



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