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Appy Entertainment: Zombies In A Box

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Reviews,

ZombieBoxDo you still love the Zombies? I do.

I get a kick out of them when they’re done well, like when my pal Max Brooks writes about them (World War Z totally scared me) or when I’m reading The Walking Dead, while waiting for the new TV show.

Now it’s October, the month of Halloween, and a great time for Zombies. Especially when their blood, guts and goopy brains are on sale.

My buds at Appy Entertainment, Paul O’Connor and Chris Ulm, are putting Zombies on sale this month. It’s an iPhone app of theirs called “All-In-1 ZombieBox,” a 10-zombie-app for less than one sweet dollar.

Appy’s ZombieBox has 10 apps from 10 different indie developers: Zombie Invasion (Conniption Entertainment); Defcon Z (Monkey Armada); Draw Slasher - Dark Ninja vs. Pirate Monkey Zombies (Mass Creation); Zombie Saw (L*U*K*E); Zombie Pizza (Appy Entertainment); Zombie Nombie (Smudgy Games) Apocalypse Zombie Fish (The Binary Mill); Zombie Karts (Cascadia Games); Zombie Apocalypse Manual (PALIANTech); and my favorite name of all time: Zombie Whale Hole (Cervo e.U.)

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Speidi Dresses as Jon and Kate for Halloween

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Television, Photos,

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag as Jon and Kate Gosselin

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve got to give it to them—Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will most likely have one of the best Halloween costumes this year, dressing up as Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Complete with a handful of baby dolls, Spencer and Heidi are perfect as the troubled couple. It really shouldn’t come as any surprise, though—with all of the media attention the TLC reality stars get, Speidi was quick to soak it all up as they donned the costumes.

Check back soon, as I’m sure more interesting celebrity costumes will appear—rumor has it that Project Runway graduate Christian Siriano is going to be a Disney princess!

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Tim Burton Takes on High Fashion

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Celebrities, Models, News,

Tim Burton's take on high fashion

When Halloween is near, why not turn to macabre director Tim Burton to envision a high fashion photo shoot for your magazine?

Well, the folks over at Harper’s Bazaar figured it would be a good idea, especially in light of the filmmaker’s career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. Shot by photographer Tim Walker, the eerie shoot recalls images of Burton’s classic characters we’ve come to love over the years—fashion magazine style, that is.

If you look closely enough (more pictures after the jump), you’ll catch the director himself taking a crack at modeling.

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VIDEO: Why Ewoks and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Talk Shows, NBC, Video,

If the show producers ever decided to replace Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb for an extra hour of this every day, I might actually start watching.

On today’s Halloween-themed broadcast, we all - even die-hard Stars Wars fans - learned a few new facts about those creatures called Ewoks.

  1. They don’t know crap about decoupage.
  2. They love drinking vodka in the morning.
  3. They know how to moonwalk.
  4. They will kick each other in front of the cameras, even before you even say “Action.”
  5. They will hump anything…whether it be ‘s leg or the ground.

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Penn Badgley and His Failed Halloween Costume

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Celebrities, Rumors,

Penn Badgley as Dan on Gossip GirlPenn Badgley once wore such a gruesome Halloween costume it made girls avoid him.

The Gossip Girl star, who plays hunky student Dan Humphrey in the teen drama series, says that his scary outfit was such a disaster because nobody wanted to talk to him.

“I was 14 years-old and went to Cinema Secrets, and I got a big old prosthetic scar and blood dripping from my face. It was the worst idea ever because it turned off literally every girl at the party… and I was 14, thinking I was so hot. It was terrible. It was the worst idea I ever had.”

Then again, this is that guy who recently revealed his fondness for an altogether different kind of look - he likes women in men’s clothes: “There is nothing more appealing than when members of the opposite sex look like they have made little effort with their clothes. I like it when they wear a plunging V-neck, which looks like she pulled it off the floor of a man’s bedroom.”

Disney Magazine Bans Noah Cyrus Halloween Photo

Noah Cyrus in her Elvira costume

Taking some tips from her big sister, Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus stirred up controversy over her Halloween costume, prompting Disney Girl to prohibit the photos’ publication.

Attending Jamie Lee Curtis’s Dream Halloween this past weekend, 9 year-old Cyrus showed up in a tight-fitting mini dress with knee-high leather boots. To top that off, dark eye makeup and red lipstick were applied to her small face.

Disney Girl‘s editor, Fiona Wright, spoke about her decision to not print the photos:

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Chris Ulm’s Zombie Pizza

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Reviews,

zombiepizzaHalloween is coming and it’s the favorite time for witches, ghosts and everybody’s favorite: zombies. I love the undead, you love the undead, and so does Chris Ulm. But who’s Ulm? He was one of the co-founders of Malibu Comics back in the day, the originator of what became the Ultraverse and co-creator of Rune with Barry Windsor-Smith. He’s now one of the founders of Appy Entertainment, which creates games for the iPhone.

Working from their Secret Worldwide Headquarters, and just in time for Halloween, the Appy boys have released Zombie Pizza. The game has you racing against the clock to make pizzas with disgusting ingredients - brains, guts, bones, eyeballs, etc. Fill the orders fast enough or your undead customers will smash through the restaurant doors and take a thick slice out of your head.

According to Ulm, Zombie Pizza is “a fast-paced, light-hearted horror puzzle game where lightning-quick reactions are all that stand between you and a grisly fate at the hands of the ravenous undead.”

Zombie Pizza is available at the iTunes store for just 99¢, about 1/4 the price of a regular comic book these days.

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Quote of the Day: Drew Barrymore and Her Halloween Wish

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Movies, Fashion Police, Style,

Drew Barrymore in supposedly non-Halloween, normal attire

“I’m very peeved Halloween only comes once a year.”

- Actress Drew Barrymore, who’s been notorious for her questionable outfits lately. To me, it seems as if she already thought that Halloween was every day!

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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Sequel News: Hancock, Vampire Chronicles and More

Hancock: Will Smith’s reluctant superhero will be dragged into the spotlight once again. Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara (both writers on The Shield) have just been recruited to pen the Hancock sequel for returning director Peter Berg. It’s not known if Charlize Theron or Jason Bateman will also appear in the next feature.

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Our Xbox Avatar wishes you Happy Halloween

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Announcements, Video Games,

Xbox AvatarIt’s Halloween, and we just know that some of you are gonna be going crazy tonight, and that you could care less about any warnings. Nevertheless, we want to wish everyone a safe Halloween, don’t drown while bobbing for apples (do people still do that?) and don’t overdose on candy. Leave that to us. As an aside, what you see to the right is my Xbox Avatar, all dressed up for Halloween. What’s the costume? Beats me, but its still cool. In case you haven’t seen it, go ahead and check out our New Xbox Experience video tour for a look at all the avatar love, coming November 19th.