On Gear Live: Samsung S95C: The OLED TV You Can’t Afford (to Ignore!)


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muveeMix logoMuveeMix is a new site that makes it possible to upload your MP3s and videos, then connect the two without doing any of your own editing. The service automatically cuts picture or video highlights to the beat of the music, and even adds other themed artistic elements. You simply register at the site, upload your info, then combine your tacky home movies from your last vacation with a song such as “Mad World.” Display it in their gallery or export to myspace or other sites of your choosing. They will keep up to 10 muvees active for one year.

Upgrade to a Bumper account for $60.00 a year and get 5 extra styles (for a total of 10.) Just don’t be disappointed if no one shows up for the premiere.

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When Microsoft first let us know what Project Longhorn was all about, it truly did look like it would revolutionize the way we use PCs. Check out the video above which shows the evolution of Windows, and how Vista was supposed to launch in October of 2003 with an amazing new UI. Makes you realize all the things Microsoft truly had to eliminate from the Vista operating system in order to ship it - albeit over three years late.

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