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**Warning: Extreme Shaky-cam video above**

Go Nintendo has discovered some bad news for all of those gamers out there that bought Bubble Bobble Revolution for the DS. No, it’s not JUST that it’s a terrible game (IGN gave it a 3.5 out of 10, though they noted that the core gameplay is still there). The next big piece of bad news is that the all copies of the game have a huge, game-destroying bug. The bug? When you get to level 30, you should expect to see a boss to battle that will let you progress further in the game. Trouble is, the boss never appears - not ever. So until you decide to reset your DS and/or throw the cartridge out the window, you’ll be stuck. IGN notes that there is a cheat code to skip this level and progress further in the game, but really guys - couldn’t your playtesters at least make it through the full game once? See the shaky-cam video above showing a player sitting around in level 30 and just waiting…..

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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Nintendo of America recently updated their Zelda.com site with new information about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Much of the information has been previously released elsewhere, but the company has also added a bunch of new screenshots of the game, showing off more of the action. The Wii version of the game is scheduled to launch with the console, while the Gamecube version will be released on December 12th in the United States.

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Gears 48HrsA new Gears of War promo site has been launched, and gamers that navigate through the creepy interface will be able to find four preview videos of the game, giving more insight into the world of Gears. The link to the site was given through an e-mail sent to gamers that signed up for updates on the Gears of War official site. For those that don’t want to bother going through the interface, Xboxyde has extracted the videos and made them available for streaming on their site.
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Lumines II Box

Thanks to a tipster that clued us in before the site goes live, we had a chance to peek around the soon-to-be-released Lumines II website. There isn’t a ton of new information to be found there yet, but we did find some nice-looking screenshots (some of which have been featured on IGN before. However, we did find a really nice high-res pic of the boxart and were pleased to see that Lumines II looks at least as good as the original.

When the site launches in a few days, you’ll be able to download Lumines-themed wallpapers for your PC, Mac, and even your PSP desktop. Hopefully this’ll help tide y’all over until the November 8th launch date!

See all the screenshots after the jump!

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Wii Browser in Action
German site VideoSpiele recently posted some videos of the Wii Opera web browser in action. As expected, it’s probably not going to be the most efficient way to check your e-mail or post to your blog (for starters, the resolution on your standard-def TV is really going to hurt), but it looks to be at least faster and more useful than the DS browser released earlier this year. This could be a great way to share YouTube videos with your friends, or show off your Flickr photos.

Fortunately, the Wii web browser incarnation will have support for Flash and AJAX, and given that the Opera browser will be downloaded instead of loaded on a disc or cartridge, this also means that Opera may be able to upgrade any missing functionality over time. And given that the going price for this will be $FREE (at least until July 2007), we’ll definitely be willing to give it a shot!

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Assassin's Creed PoseInformation on a bunch of Ubisoft’s future game releases was leaked through a public file on Ubisoft’s FTP server. The 2 GB RAR-compressed file included information on games like Far Cry 2, Far Cry PSP, a Star Wars PSP title, new TMNT games, a new entry in the Splinter Cell series called Conviction and much more. The file was pulled, but not before members of the NeoGAF forums could pull down a copy. Images and other assets have are being slowly posted into the forum thread by people with a copy of the archive file.

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Virtua Tennis 1080P

Sega recently displayed builds of Virtua Tennis for the Playstation 3 running in full 1080P resolution, according to a report by 1up. Assuming that 1080P resolution support makes it into the shipping product, this would allow Virtua Tennis to join Gran Turismo HD in the list of games that support the highest resolution display mode of the Playstation 3. People have debated the usefulness of supporting a resolution that so few end users will be able to access, but it is interesting to see what games will have the spare processing power to push that many pixels.

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Seaman 2The original Seaman for the Dreamcast was probably one of the most unusual games released during the console’s brief life. The original involved raising some kind of bizarre man-fish as it slowly matured into some kind of amphibious life form. Gamers could interact with the game via microphone, and the Seaman would talk back. Now, according to 1up, Sega has announced Seaman 2 for the Playstation 2. The game this time around will focus on a kind of prehistoric mini-man. The game will also utilize a new controller with a built-in microphone, so gamers can communicate with their new pet. Sega’s announcement apparently took the form of some kind of infomercial, and screen shots from that are included on 1up.com.

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There you have it folks, the first shot of Playstation 3 box art for the upcoming Dark Kingdom, complete with boobs, swords, and the strange PS3 Spiderman font! With pictures like this, it’s enough to make you wonder why the PS3 needs such amazing cloth physics - everybody’s going to be wearing skin-tight leather anyway!!! Plus, is it me, or does having the PS3 logo along the side bring back fond memories of ye olde Genesis game packaging? It’ll be interesting to see if Sony tries to squeeze PS3 games into the same ridiculously-thin boxes that Blu-Ray discs use - if I had to guess, it doesn’t look like there’s enough room in those for a meaty instruction manual.

Can’t wait to see these on store shelves! (And more importantly, I especially can’t wait to see what the price is!)

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PS2 Panty Sniffer ad

Sony’s just had one brilliant advertisement following another these days. Well, at least this time it’s not laden with racist undertones. Their latest strategy? Advertising that the soon-to-be-made-obsolete pink PS2 is the gaming system of choice for pervs. It took me a while to even figure out that this was a PS2 ad - note the square - triangle - circle - cross shapes of the undergarments and it becomes more clear.

Is it just me, or is this advertisement doomed to scare away the pink PS2 target market of girl gamers? Or is the thought of some guy sniffing panties just the kind of thing to convince you to get that PS2 you’ve been lusting after?

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