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Covering CESOkay, we are finishing

starting our packing and finalizing our CES schedules. We hit Vegas tomorrow afternoon, and plan on four days of gadget uber-love to exude from our pores. We are primed and ready to bring you up-to-the-minute coverage right from the show floor, from behind closed doors, and from those CES parties we know and love. That being the case, we figured we would create a destination you could go to for all your CES news. Thusly, Covering CES was born. Be sure to check out Covering CES constantly. We aim to please.

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Micro MosquitoThis year Interactive Toy Concepts (ITC) is unveiling the world’s smallest, most stable and lightest indoor helicopter, the Micro Mosquito. In the vein of our aforementioned miniature flying helicopter, the Micro Mosquito is the world’s smallest, lightest and most stable indoor helicopter. Only inches long, its packed with high-tech ingenuity as this flying wonder fits in the palm of your hand. Based on award-winning coaxial rotor design, the Micro Mosquito flies in all directions with 3 channel digital control going up, down, forward, reverse, turning left and right and it even hovers. Its open structure design combined with glowing green eyes lets you see the inner workings while you watch in awe at its total control flight performance. A great gadget toy for the home or office.

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GameDR ScreenMax

For Sony PSP fans frustrated by the inability to connect their extra-small dream machines to larger viewing screens, Digital Innovations is set to release the GameDR Excelerator Series ScreenMax for PSP Video Transmission System, which the company is touting as the first product that makes it possible to play PSP games and movies on any TV or computer monitor. You can pick it up in stores for $69.99 USD.

In addition to the ScreenMax, DI will launch several new exciting product lines at CES on January 5th.  All new products will be available for demo and review. Digital Innovations will also hold a press conference at the LVCC on January 5th at 3:00 PM CT to launch the winner of their 1st Annual D.O.C. Awards (Design, Originality, Creativity).

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PowerSquid Surge

Newpoint is set to show off the next generation of their PowerSquid power multiplier at CES.  The PowerSquid power multiplier’s unique design offers a flexible alternative to rigid, straight-line power strips – featuring 6 tentacle-like cords to accommodate adapters of all sizes. The new additions to the line offer surge protection for the first time as well as a $150,000 Connected Equipment Warranty, adding practical functionality to the stylish design. Expect the new PowerSquid’s price range to go from $29.99 to $69.99 USD.

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iRiver G10

We have been waiting to get a good look at iRiver’s latest, and here it is. The iRiver G10 has a beautiful 262,000 color 800x480 color screen, which matches perfectly with the device’s 3D graphics processor. Being an iRiver device, you can rest at ease knowing it will handle music, videos, and images as well, all on the internal 4GB or 8GB drive. To top it off, this one runs Windows Mobile 5.0. You can trust that we will definitely be going hands on with this one when we hit the CES show floor. From the looks of it, if it could play UMDs. it would so beat the PSP.

(Thanks, Rick!)

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Planon DocuPen RC800

Planon will launch at CES the smallest full-page portable color scanner, the DocuPen RC800. This new DocuPen will be the same size as a pen scanning an entire page of text and graphics in just four seconds. It stores up to 100 pages in its two megabytes of flash memory, weighs just two ounces, and is only eight inches long. The RC800 includes a rechargeable feature which allows users to recharge the scanner’s batteries as the DocuPen is downloading scanned information through the USB port. It will also include the ScanSoft PaperPort OCR software.

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CES Preparation

Posted by Chris Cardinal Categories: CES, CES 2006,

CES 2006 is an amazing opportunity to not only see the newest, most exciting forthcoming technology and products, but also to meet and mingle with thousands of other influential people as involved in the industry as you can get.

One great tool that’s absolutely thrilling me is MyCES. After my registration went through, I was given my login and password, and allowed to dive in. MyCES lets me select which exhibitors I want to meet, add them to my event planner, book openings at sessions and request meets with people. It shows me the top 10 exhibitors I “need to see,” 10 people I “need to meet,” search terms popular amongst other attendees and a ton more. Remember, there are 2,500 exhibitors and over 130,000 attendees at this event. It’s going to be insane, but I’m sure a great amount of fun.

MyCES also does us the benefit of tracking which booths we’ve visited, based on badge scans. We’ll hopefully be able to cover a lot of ground, so be sure to keep visiting Covering CES for all our latest on the event, starting January 4th.

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CES 2006As the New Year looms upon us, all we can think about is the gadget nirvana that we will be covering in just a few days. The Consumer Electronics Show is the place to be if you are obsessed with gadgets and electronics. Chris and I will be there in full force, bringing you the best of everything that we see, touch, hear, and quite possibly, taste. Vegas, here we come.

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