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Wednesday September 21, 2005 7:05 pm

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Accessories, Household

Power SquidThe PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier can be viewed as both geeky and creepy.  Its design looks like some perverted alien hand, yet the functionality is brilliant. We are all for making life easier in any way possible, and while this may not be the most beautiful design, it definitely gets the job done.  For $14.99 you get 5 grounded extensions that combine into one plug.  Why? Don’t you have power adapters bigger than life that reside in the same room?

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I’m afraid to buy one. I have a small dog and I don’t know if this thing could come to life and attack it! On the other hand, it could do a better job than the Kingband at keeping away the mice.

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